Saturday is a business day

YHC generally cuts it close in the AM, whether on the way to work or to a workout. This morning was a special case but no exception. With traffic a bit lethargic I was running behind and started to panic that I would be late to my own Q.

With all of the call-outs in the days leading up to the workout I assumed I would pull into an empty parking lot, little harm done. Not so. As I drifted in on two wheels I was surprised to see a crowd assembled for the 7am start. So we got right to it, no time for stretching.


SSH, copperhead merkin, parker peter, peter parker, mountain climber, side-plank dips

Shuffle the full length of the field, then shuffle back


First round of grinders: P1 100 back lunges (shared count) while P2 runs to the 50 and back. P1 150 bicycles (shared count) while P2 runs the full field and back.

Up to the playground for 6s: burp-ups at the playground, derkins and dips at the bleachers.

On the sideline for bridge raises, the march, J-Los, monkey humpers, and NC drydocks.

Second round of grinders: P2 wheelbarrows P1 for 10yds, P1 planks while P2 runs up to the pavilion, does 10 dips, and runs back down. Return to start, switch places, rinse and repeat with dips thru 10-8-6-4-2.

Assemble in the end zone, hands behind head, broad jump 5yds, stop for 1 merkin, broad jump again, to the 50.

6 MoMs, with the last minute in a plank.

COT, Snowden with the take-out.


It was a great feeling to roll into the lot and see so many men ready to go on Saturday morning. I can only assume the feeling was not mutual, seeing as the Q parked right at 7:00 and the Pax were probably wondering whiskey tango. We proceeded with purpose, and with lots of chatter. Beautiful morning and great enthusiasm from the Pax. Welcome to Sparkleberry, Teo, and Octagon, hope to see you out again very soon.


YMCA youth workout is up and running, make sure you sign up, show up, and help out. Great cause, great group, great potential. Talk to Achtung Baby and Backup to see how you can contribute.

Community Matters Cafe is now open at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Change your spot for Coffeeteria and support the Mission.

MenSpeak continues the impactful conversation each month. Join in and be a part of the discussion at Johnson C Smith (rotating location on campus).


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