Living in a Country World

I never really considered myself “country.” Except for when I’d visit my cousins in St. Louis as a kid and they’d make fun of how I said “y’all” and that I liked grits.

But, then, I come to F3 #Fortitude. As an FNG, the Q asked where I graduated college (Appalachian State), then where was I born (Nashville) . . . and then, well, “Country” became my name. I did (and still do) wear boots to work from time to time and sport a hat that resembles more of a cowboy hat. So, with that, I just decided to lean into my F3 persona as Country.

Fast forward to a challenge. Men’s Shelter of Charlotte’s fundraising breakfast was upon us (happened April 4th) – we had already blown past our sponsorship goal and our sights were set on a stretch goal of $200,000 – set by our very own “Pipeline” who chairs MSC’s philanthropy committee. As an incentive to get folks to push us to that level, Pipeline throws out that if we do make the goal, I’ll do a Q in overalls to bring out even more of the Country in me. Partridge pipes in (another F3 supporter of MSC), saying he’d even sponsor getting those overalls for me.

Long story short, I think you know what happened. Just take a look to the left and there you’ll see me – left corner, front row.

At any rate, more than having some Country fun, my eyes were once again opened wide to see the unconditional love and support that the F3 PAX have for our shelter guests. I’ve been an employee of MSC for nearly 4 years . . . been an F3 PAX member since we started in March 2017. And, the generosity, care, and support from F3 continues to amaze me. For that, I’m eternally grateful . . . and always willing to sport some overalls and my favorite hat for some inspiration.

At any rate, I tried to mix in some country exercises that admittedly were not found in the F3 Exicon, but I added them anyway.


Warm Up

  • Alabama Ass Kickers
  • Randys
  • Country Squats – more like a little line dancing
  • Low Country Crabs
  • Matt Biondis
  • Finkle Swings
  • Lassos – yep, made that up, but you might guess what that is


  • Country Air Raid – varied Air Raid – call me if you want to know what the heck I did.
  • 4 Rounds of Throwing an Exercise Ball to a PAX member – the ball had different exercises on it – so when PAX caught it, had to look where their left thumb was . . . that was the exercise we had to do. One entailed 20 burpees, for example.
  • To the rocks for:
    • Skull Crushers
    • Curls for the Country Girls
    • Shoulders
  • To the parking lot on other side of RR tracks – stop halfway for another variety of Country Squats
  • At parking lots – 21s – 1 side straddle hop – run 21 parking spots – 20 LBC – run back then 2 side straddle hops – run back then 19 LBCs – get it? We did, but I made an audible to change up after we got to around 6 side straddle hops
  • Back to Uhaul – stop half-way to do some Monkey Humpers (so Pipeline would be happy)
  • At Uhual, given I’m country, I wanted to play some Blackjack (like a Gambler) – two rounds – if PAX one, they picked the exercise, if I won, I picked it. Split on the two rounds – had to do Alabama Ass Kickers again and Merkins
  • Back to Shelter


Not much time, but finished with three exercises:

  • Uncle Jessies – new . . .just tweaked the James Bonds – instead of pointing the Walter PPK, you were pointing a country rifle (look up the James Bond and you’ll get it)
  • American Hammers (as a Country boy, I’d never give Russia any love, so forget the Russian Twist)
  • J Los – had to finish with that just because!

And, you know, I should’ve posted this Backblast a few days ago – sorry, you know I’m working on slow country time.

Anyway, there you have it . . . so let me end with a big Yeeehawwww. Until next time, boys!


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