Head Locking at Revolution 2.0

15 pax posted for week 2 at Revolution 2.0, including 3 teens and 1 FNG (welcome Royal).  Royal was playing some 3 on 3 when we kicked the basketball guys out of the gym (we modified due to rain and fact that teens moms might get upset if we got them soaked) but he decided to shift gears and get in a boot camp.  Jaquan is in the lead for first teen to get to 3 posts and earn a nick name while Kenny and Shawn posted for their first workout.

Cruz was not able to be with us due to family matter so prayers out to Cruz and his family.

The Thang:

COP with SSH, Merkins, Mtn Climbers, Squats, and Lunges.

Over to corner of court for series of four corners.  Run to each corner and do 5 of called exercise with:

  1. Merkins
  2. Mtn Climbers
  3. Squats
  4. LBC’s
  5. Burpees

Circle for ring of fire – pax take turn running around the circle while we perform various mary exercises

Partner up on one base line for team challenge.   Partner 1 goes down and back court using prescribed method and partner 2 does as many of called exercise as they can before swapping when partner 1 gets back.   The sets were:

  1. Bear crawl down and sprint back plus 100 squats per team
  2. Karaoke down and back plus 50 merkins
  3. Backward run down and back plus 25 burpees

Circle back up for some plank work to allow the  pax to catch their breath

Back to base line for a set of suicides

Circle back up for some mary and then burpees for last minute to close it out


Two big wins for the day as we had two new teens, both of whom pushed hard, and the EH’ing of Royal.  Royal is young man from Kansas City via Cleveland and immediately connected with our group.

We powered thru even though the weather “dampened” our numbers.    It shows that personal relationships are important to get teens to post and Cruz right now is our most important pax member with the required relationships.   It can be hard for boys to post in bad weather given they may have to walk to the Y plus they don’t have a clue who any of us are other than Cruz thus they are going to be hesitant.

The other big win is we had lots of pizza for everyone who posted.   Average age went down by at least 20 as the large contingent of old guys from week 1 were all DR for the week.

Appreciate the support of OBT and Curly who posted for the 2nd week.  I’ll let OBT decide if my cadence was any worse than Achtung Babies from week 1.  I know from experience that this type endeavor can be challenging so one has to trust in God’s plan and keep forging ahead.   Royal joining us might just be one of the connections we need to get rolling.


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