Ring Around the Golf Course

Spring break this!  13 pax showed and rolled:

The Thang:

Left on Hampton, right on Beverly, left on Sherwood.  Stop at Myers Park Baptist for SSH, IWs, disclaimer and explanation of whats in the bag.  Left on Queens, right on Roswell, stop at Myers Park CC to avoid cars and do some Merkins, DryDocks.

Continue Roswell to left on Colony.  Stop at the arch for Dips and obligatory Derkin chaser.  Continue south on Colony to left on Rockbrook, left on Runnymede, left on Sharon.  Stop for some Mary (YHC was late).  Continue north on Sharon to right on Harris to left on Providence.  Stop for some JLo’s and ChuckNorris Merkins.  Continue north on Providence to home.  Fin.

Naked Man Moleskiner:

Always good to have email traffic the day before a Q to help with numbers.  Thx to Tardy and Mr D- for scheduling and getting injury, respectively… The plan was Masters-themed but didnt want to hop on MPCC without knowing if they may have snipers.  So we went around that fine course on street legal streets… YHC had some music for post-mumblechatter time. Learned two things: new rucksack needed and volume control is difficult in residential areas.  YHC ended up carrying the ruck/speaker and chiselling the biceps pre-beach.  Apparently the pax could hear the music but maybe they were too far ahead… but the dog walkers were weirded out by Phish and Pennywise… And whats up with Boone’s triumphant return- then right into the shade throw?  Couple Q fails in there, not to be mentioned… Thx to Chalet, Snots, and others for pacing the boys up front.

Announcements- Ice9 opening his house in Waxhaw this Saturday for pancakes and Easter egg hunt.  Hit him up for details.

Excuse the Catholic-style takeout, YHC is excited for Easter.  Have a great holy week.

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