A Q for the People

COP w/ SSH, imperial walker, travoltas, merkins, peter parker, parker peter


2-man grinders: one from the bend to the street, then shortened to go from the bend to the parking loop, 3 rounds with a different called exercise

Forest to the sea from the bend to the parking loop

Picnic table routine: dips and step-ups, with twice as many step-ups as dips

2-man grinders in the parking loop: P1 makes a loop while P2 completes called exercise, as many rounds as needed, til wrap-up with a bit of mary and a 1-min plank.

COT, Snowden with the take-out

NMM: I looked at the Genius on Thursday night only to see that my marketing and recruiting skills once again showed their polish and shine–no Q signed up. Decided that the best way to encourage sign-ups would be to string together an improvised beatdown that would ensure the pax would never leave me with the keys unless absolutely necessary. The first grinder was on the way, but I think the bear crawls brought it home. BTW, don’t challenge Pitino to a footrace unless you put your money on him.

A great fellowship Friday for Easter weekend, humid or not.

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