West Charlotte Teen Basketball Tourney

The Charlotte Dream Center is holding their annual basketball tournament on Saturday, May 4th, about a mile from Revolution, at Arbor Glenn Outreach Center (1520 Clanton Road).  The Dream Center created a volunteer role for F3 Pax last year, to serve as Team Liaisons; they’ve asked us to help again this year.  It’s a good opportunity for fellowship and to EH for F3 and specifically for the Y Bootcamp workout.
Each Liaison will be assigned to a team.  There will be 8 teams made up of teens from West Charlotte neighborhoods.  There should be nice overlap with F3’s new teen bootcamp workout at the Stratford-Richardson Y.
Please let me know if you would have interest in volunteering.   Basically, you would arrive at 12:30 and meet your team. Games start at 1; it’s single elimination, so half of the teams (liaisons) will be done by 2:30.  Another two teams (liaisons) will done by 3:30.  And the remaining two teams (liaisons) play in the Championship and will be done by 4:30.
Here’s the official job description:
As a liaison, your duty is to stick with your assigned team and communicate when and where they need to be; hand your team member’s the appropriate jersey number (the number should coordinate with the one next to their name on the roster); and collect their jerseys at the end of the game and return them to the score table, organized by number and color. If your team loses the first round, you are free to roam around, join another team, engage with your team over the provided lunch, or head out. Otherwise, stick with your team until they are finished. Remember, the point of this position is more so to equip you to build relationship with your team! So be intentional!
If you’re interested or have any questions, let me know.  Max commitment would be 12:30 – 4:30 on Sat. May 4th.   If you’re interested, but can only volunteer for a shorter time frame, let me know; we can likely switch up liaisons, if your team goes all the way to Final.
Thank you!

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