CSource: Chapter 1 “Pay Attention to Your @#$!# Kids”

13 dudes showed up at Indy Park.  We warmed up with a 6:44 mile over to THE PM.  40x knee-ups IN CADENCE.   Did the loop 2x.  New merchandise in the Antique Shop consisted of a Check Your Head Beastie shirt.  Medium.   Ran over to the 432nd new apartment complex and did a 2 mile uphill wheelbarrow.  Busted ass to the Castle for 20x IN CADENCE dips.  Busted more ass over to the 4th st Parking Deck.  Up stairs. Down Stairs.  Up Ramps.  Down Stairs.  Up Stairs.  Down Stairs.  Home.

The following 3 events have taken place last week:

  1. Girl at work 12 year old daughter tried to commit suicide.
  2. Local Charlotte boy Davis Flohr drowned at Mt. Island Lake after suffering a heart attack. (Mr. Bo taught the kid how to tie a knot in Boy Scouts and I taught him how to be a bad ass on the soccer field).
  3. Some batshit crazy 22 year old (refuse to says his name) went into a building at UNCC and killed two kids for no apparent reason and then bragged about it on his way into the po-po station.

I don’t know any of the backstories of each situation.  What I do know is that kids are dying.  And I’m sick of this shit.  Starts at home.  Spend most of your free time with your kids.  Understand what they are doing.  Know if they are smoking pot.  Know if they are sending dick pics to girls.  Be their parent.  Not their friend.  Discipline them.  Take their phones away. Don’t let them on Social Media.  Pretty simple shit.  For you HIM morons who still don’t know what to do without Twitter up your ass, here are some suggestions:

  1. Be Like Boonie – coach your kids teams.  It doesn’t matter if you post to Cotswold.  You can still coach a 6 year old to play soccer.  Or baseball.   Boonie coaches his kids “coach pitch baseball” teams so he bean his own teams kids at the plate.  I’ve seen Holtz draw up some X’s and O’s for his little dude as well.
  2. Pasta Nights with Slice – cook dinner for your family.  Slice puts four cans of Spaghettio’s into a bowl and calls it a masterpiece.  It’s better then going to Pizza Peel and have your kids stare at their phones until the shitty pizza shows up.
  3. Stop Doing F3 Shit…9 days a week.  Take a morning and make your kids some weird ass pancakes.  With tons of sugar and syrup.  Buddy the Elf style.

That’s all.  King Cessus has spoken.

4 thoughts on “CSource: Chapter 1 “Pay Attention to Your @#$!# Kids”

  • May 2, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Every once in a while, the right man has the right Q on the right day… well said.

  • May 2, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    hate to have missed the KIng at work. What’s THE PM? is that trademarked?

    Great advice JC.

  • May 3, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Agree 100% but will add there are lots of kids out their with over burdened (or shitty) parents. If you can spare some time than there is always need to coach other kids – Billingsville, AG, Revolution 2.0, EH some other guys and start up a new program.

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