The Turk

Pick 6 is slowly coming back to life at 5:30am on Thursday mornings at Ben&Jerry’s on Fairview, along with the flowers and other flora of Governor’s Square.  This particular morning followed a week of Spring Break, so I showed up a bit early to stretch the legs in the parking lot.  At 5:10am, there was one car there with the hood up, the trunk open, and the driver side door open.  The driver was pacing around the outside of the car, and did not seem too concerned or otherwise distressed.  He did ask me from across the lot if I happened to have some water.  All I had was a cup of ice water (for post-run), which he said would do.  I assumed he had an issue with his radiator, and handed him the cup.  He tipped back the cup and drank it all down in one swig like he hadn’t had a drink (of water) in two days.  “Sorry about that”, he said.  “I’m Hadi”, he says.  Hadi, I’m Mr. Green, I said.  After a few pleasantries, and after not really being able to understand why he was in the lot at 5am, I told him that we were going for a run and he was welcome to join us.  Surprisingly, he accepted, after telling me about his super speed and best timed mile (under 6 minutes) – hmmm. He even offered me a check from his checkbook (I declined it).  Once all the pax assembled, we set off on Titan’s course of choice…The Reverse Camilla Route.

Titan, Dropbox, and LoveBug all shot off up Fairview at a hot pace, while Hadi and I hung toward the back.  About halfway up Fairview, with T, D, and LB out of sight, Hadi asks me, “What do you think about black holes?”.  Not being prepared to discuss the cosmos this early in the day, I just said “I don’t know anything about ’em”, and kept running.  Once at the top, Hadi had decided that was enough, high fived me, and turned around to head back.  I continued on the planned course, wondering if we’d see him again.

Once we all arrived back to B&J for the COT, there was Hadi with cups of ice water for all of us (Caribou was now open). Hadi joined us for the COT, and as an FNG, took the name “The Turk”.  He said he was Ottoman.  We said our prayer, thanked God for bringing Hadi to us, and wished one and all a good day.

An unusual day for sure.  Gangsta Mouse said he saw The Turk still hanging around the Caribou much later that morning.  We don’t know what he’d been up to the night before, or what his backstory was, but I think he was glad that F3 showed up with cold water, a little exercise, and some fellowship.  Ribeye said the YMCA Prayer Breakfast spoke about our very experience.  Let it be a reminder to always welcome other men to join us at F3, always be headlocking, and continue to give it away.

Aye! – Mr. Green

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