Promo-Atlas Converge into Busling Bus Lines

A field trip forced a field trip for Promo men to join Atlas this a.m.  38 from the thriving farming village of Cotswold converged onto the Atlas AO for a combo-Carrier/Uncle Q.  Uncle and Carrier spent little time comparing our respective Q plans, which ended up with the pax doing 3+ miles on an simple asphalt section of parking lot.  Somehow, YHC’s arms are tired from all that running, which means something else was squeezed in between the trips under the lights.

Here’s the thang:

Carrier’s Piece-
SSH x10
Suicide (touch the line)
IW x10
Karaoke Suicide (touch the line with both hands)
Suicide (touch the line)
Squats x10
Backward Suicide (turkish getup on the line)
Lunges x10
Suicide with 1 burpee on the line
Merkins x10
Monkey Humpers x10

Uncle’s Piece-
3x the following
Merkins x15
Wide Arms x10
Diamonds x5
Up and back to the 3rd light

3x the following
Merkins x15 at 1st light
Wide Arms x10 at 2nd light
Diamonds x5 at 3rd light
Run back to start

3x the following
Squats x15 at 1st light
Jump Squats x10 at 2nd light
Squat Thrusts x5 at 3rd light
Run back to start

Partner up for following
2x the following
Partner Carry up and back switching as necessary
Wheel Barrel to 1st light and back switching as necessary

Up and Back 1x

6 min of Mary


Stratford Richardson YMCA 11 a.m. Saturdays 30 minute workout/30 minute fellowship and pizza with teens
Teal Diva 5k this Saturday including Speed4Need chariots – sign up today.
KY is Metro Nantan for F3 Whetstone program – contact him to get involved – all ages.

It was fun to have everyone back together, although there is a reason why 18 is the optimum number of pax for a workout.

Missing in action were Coach, so KC had to talk to himself the whole time about how great his guns would look this summer at the beach.  Also, YHC spotted EZRings waiting along Providence Road with his father for the school bus to pick his kids up.  (I took a double take “Is that Roy Williams?! I think he might make a pretty good YMCA B-Ball coach for those grand kids some day.)

My M asked “How was the workout?”  I said “Hard”.  She asked who led?  I said I did, for the 1st part.  She then said, “Who made it ‘Hard’?”  Ouch! So you can thank Uncle for that.


Carrier is 60 years old?! GET SOME. I don’t know how he does it, but I have known him for about 7 years at this point and he looks exactly the same. Maybe younger and faster. He’s a #SexualTyrannosaurus . I was very excited when I was told by Promo Mgmt that we were to converge with Atlas because I knew that I would get to see some faces that I do not see enough like Blue, Disney, Hollins, Sump and others. My original plan had us going off campus, but i was feeling the formation that Carrier had established in the parking lot for that big of a group. We would have gotten a little too spread out. I did not expect we’d get 3 miles in that little of a space, but that’s what we did! The promo crew rolled in late and left early. #Thugs

I almost partnered with Manziel until he disclosed that he is a #clydesdale, did not want any of that. I saw Pitino handle him on partner carries, impressive!

Glad to see everyone this morning and hope to see you more often out there now that my 2.1 is sleeping better. #teamNoSleep.


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