Mother’s Day Weekend Kickoff

It is Mother’s Day weekend!  No better way to get this party started than @ Fortress! Not that Mother’s Day is a weekend-long party like Bonnaroo (at least that’s what Coach says).

The Thang

Mosey to the smooth parking lot on other side of church
COP:  SSH/ Squats/ Flutter x 30 each (In Cadence)

Head out of parking lot, down Montclair to Stop Sign @ Robin
Run to Rutledge, stop at each utility pole on left
Start with 1 Merkin and add 1 at each pole (9 poles total)

Take Rutledge to Randolph – cross street to Providence Baptist soccer field

7’s: Run sideline to sideline, Jump Squats and LBC’s

Over to benches for Dips

Back to field – find a partner
Line up on end line
P1 runs to Randolph for Burpees, P2 does Lunges until P1 returns
Flap Jack x 3 rounds
Rd 2 – Switch from Lunges to Squats
Rd 3 – Switch to Plank Jacks

Back to benches for more Dips

Over to front of church where we did another partner exercise (Rook correctly surmised that YHC made this one up on the fly)

Start trek home on Rutledge
Stop at top of Chandler for quick round of Mary (Rosalitas and Dolly)

Take short cut and return to where we started – 1 minute left so 5 Burpees OYO


FIA’s Teal Diva 5K to honor the legacy of Poli is tomorrow.  SPEED FOR NEED will be there.  Please support these great organizations if you can.

Pipeline has lots of activities to help better the community lined up on Saturday.

Another great mix of Pax today.  Original Red Woods to Hate Hates.

Pitino and Robo were out front most of the morning.

At one point, looked like GAAP and Cougar were racing each other during the Partner work.  Not sure who won but the loser was Focus on Form.

Coach and Boba Fett talked about the Carolina Hurricanes disappointing performance in the 3rd period of last night’s playoff game.

Met Little Caesar today.  Story is he came out 3 years ago with Grapevine but only recently has started posting regularly.  Better late than never!

Thanks to Fortress Site Q’s Chowda and Snowden for the keys today.  Always look forward to leading the Men of Fortress!

We missed Chowda today as he is battling Plantar Fasciitis.  YHC has dealt with PF in both feet (at separate times) and it isn’t fun.  Good luck!

Did you know Snowden and his better half are expecting their first child this summer?  Please be sure to inundate him with all your parenting advice, Snowden can’t get enough of it!

Full Monty
May 10th is a significant date for me.  Thirty years ago today, my mother lost her battle with Colon Cancer.  The loss of your mother is never easy and the fact this date is always near Mother’s Day each year makes it even more challenging.  The 30 reps for the exercises in COP were in memory of my mom, Louise.

I wasn’t the easiest child to raise and I know I put my mom through the ringer.  Like most teenagers, I was self-centered and didn’t appreciate all the things my mom did for me.  Fortunately, in the last few months I had with my mom, I was able to begin to realize the positive impact she had on me and how I was better for it.  Now that I am a parent and on the receiving end of my kids’ bratty behavior, I regret not being able to tell my mom how sorry I am for acting that way towards her.

For those of you still able to enjoy spending time with your moms, make this Mother’s Day extra special.  And if you have kids or are expecting your first child, take care of your M, don’t leave it to the kids.

And lastly, don’t put off having a colonoscopy if your doctor suggests it.  Colon cancer can be treated if detected in the early stages.  If you wait too long, your risk increases.

All right you crazy kids, go make this weekend the best Mother’s Day weekend possible!



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