Now that didn’t hurt at all…

Twenty Three of F3s finest showed up under the threat of rain today for a gentle morning workout.  YHC was careful not to make these gentlemen break a sweat until the very final stages.  This worked for most.  That said, there was still a lot of mumble chatter, most of it bitching and griping about one thing or another.  Here is what went down:

START Circle up in Grass
GRASS Burpee Countdown from ten.  Between burpees, do:

Crab Cakes

6 count LBCs

heel tap jump squats


toe tappers

Windshield Wipers


Target Deck Partners:

2X — Donkey Kicks, then Plank Situps



15 Merkins (middle) / 20 LBCs (corners)



Line up

Plank in circle >> Kareoke around

Bird Dog in circle >> Kareoke around

Maktar Jives in circle >> Kareoke around

Five burpees OYO.

Like I say, no one really broke a sweat all morning!  (someone counted sixty burpees, which seems about right)

We gathered at the finale, and Rev updated us on his success finding chariots pushers for Teal Diva, tomorrow.  And of course YHC made his almost daily plea for signups for Q’ing the MIP workout (see MIP Q signup genius here).  Take out by Tesla, always in top form.

What a great thing it is for me to lead this fine bunch.  It’s always fun and always a privilege.



One thought on “Now that didn’t hurt at all…

  • May 10, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    only nibbler didn’t sweat. That’s pretty much because he sat in his car the whole time.

    you forgot about all of the great Bill Brasky comments.

    and your music was for making babies, not working out.

    the rest is okey dokey

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