Jane Fonda Q’ed Silver Bullet Today?

Had a very nice turnout for Silver Bullet today.  ‘Twas supposed to be rainy all weekend but we were spared, though it was plenty humid.  No worries, as the silver bullet bunch is ready for anything.  Here is what went down:



Stretch (belly, gastroc, h’strings, ITB, arms, shoulders)

20x SSH

20x Sharon Towers

15xx Mountain Climbers

15xx Merkin

(2 loops) Lunge walk/Kareoke/Rabbit Hops

Jog back/ do again

(on six)


Abs 1

(2 loops)


10x Jump Squats

15x Low slow flutter

15x Russian Twists OYO

15x Dollies

15x Dying Cockroaches

15x four count diag LBCs

STEPS Stepups


WALL Slow Low Copperhead Squats

Peoples Chair w air press

HOME Stretch (belly, gastroc, h’strings, ITB, arms, shoulders)

Now, these men have reached a certain station in life, one that I admire and indeed, aspire to attain.  With that I mind YHC remarked that they had earned the right to have an attractive female instructor, a la Jane Fonda.  They all appreciated this, and appreciated that it would be a giant upgrade from YHC as Q, but I am not sure it went over so well.  This proposal did not get approval by the pax.

It was good to see my colleagues there whom I’ve not seen in a while, esp Double Trouble, Horse, OWT and others.  It’s tons of fun to Q this bunch, especially because I really don’t want to do all the stuff that are on their prohibited list (Burpees, Derkins, and so on).  So there’s less pain, and more gain.

Thanks for the keys, Money, and for letting me be a part of one of the best workouts in F3.


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