Revolution 2.0 gets first teen with F3 name

18 men/teens posted for Revolution 2.0 – God held off the rain just long enough for us to get the work-out in.

A teenager gets an F3 name after his 3rd post and a tee-shirt after the 5th post.    Today we had our first teenager complete his 3rd post.  Jaquan Embrack is now known at Night Owl.    We had two others complete there 2nd post so looking forward to continued momentum.

The Thang:

COP – SSH x15, Merkins x12, Mtn Climbers x13, Slow squats x10, and IW x13

Mosey thru the parking lot and then up to field for a suicide set and then partner relay.   Suicide was bear crawl ten yards, sprint back, bear crawl 20 yards, sprint back, karaoke down to end and sprint back and flap jack karaoke down and sprint back.   Partner relay was 1 partner run down to opposite goal line while other partner does called exercises and then switch when partner 1 gets back.   Team had to complete 30 burpees, 50 merkins, and 100 squats.

Mosey down to bottom of parking lot for six minuntes of mary (usual stuff).   Then up to garden for dips, decline merkins, step ups and more dips.    Back up to field for 3 sets of sprints starting from six inch plank with last set being backward run.


Week 4 in the books and we had 7 teens.   Relationships matter in getting boys to post.    We will rely on Cruz a lot until the boys begin to develop deeper relationships with other PAX.   It’s not easy (perfect for F3) to break thru with these kids but the reward is great.   Many of these boys crave male interaction but building trust takes time and commitment.

Night Owl is an only child and lives with his mom in Grier Heights.    His father had problems with drugs and his mom had to escape right after he was born.    They lived in a shelter when they first got to Charlotte and don’t have family locally to assist.    His mom is often working when he is home and will not let him go outside due to bad influences (drugs mainly).    As such, he spends a lot of time in his room playing video games, sometimes late into the night (thus Night Owl).  He and I have been talking a lot about school, careers, and what he can do with this life.  I”m not that great at the whole communication thing but being present is the most important.   He is now in ROTC, is a good kid, but has a tough life (as does his mom).

In COT we talked about Getting Right and the need to commit daily to taking care of our body (the King) and trying to get stronger.   Achtung described how he started doing burpees ever day in the last year and that he is now able to do 50 at a time without stopping (although when PAX asked him to show us he quickly changed the subject).   He discussed the idea of starting with an achievable goal and then working every day to get better in incremental steps.  That led into discussion about creating momentum and acceleration in increasing physical strength.

Deonte and Kenny will get an F3 name the next time they post so numbers are starting to go up.   The 4 new boys pushed hard and seemed to enjoy it.

Replica brought some good humor, telling the boys after the suicides and partner work that the warm up was now over and we would be getting to the real meat of the workout.

11 men posting was great.   As I see it, the mission of Revolution of 2.0 is to put Revolution 1.0 out of business.   It’s a big goal and incremental steps are necessary but we have started the long journey thanks to the leadership and involvement of Pipeline, Cruz, and Achtung.

Take out – Pipeline asked us to pray for Trick or Treat and we thanked God for all the gifts (including Pizza after the workout) we have received.

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  • May 13, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Achtung has to demonstrate his ability to do 50 burpees without stopping at his next post.

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