You against you


20 SSHs; 12 Deep Mountain Climbers

20 IWs; 15 Gorilla Jacks

20 Copperhead squats; 10 Kick-outs;

20 Lunges; Dying Cockroach

15 Sharon Towers;


Request was made that I spend more time on the internet with Porn (instead of looking for new exercises)


Next: 5 minutes of Burpees


Next: 11s with Bunny Hop Burpees and Pole smokers. A pole smoker is a reverse sit-up with your hands on a pole. Commentary provided that the pole should not be your own pole. Response is that F3 is ‘you against you’.


Next: to the temple for People’s chair air press; BTTW hip slaps, 15 Donkey Kix OYO, People’s chair Lalannes; BTTW Mountain Climbers, 15 Donkey Kix OYO; People’s chair air punches, BTTW toe taps,15 Donkey Kix OYO.


Next: the rails for 11s with Derkins and Outboards


Next: COP with

Flutters, Dollies and a minute of streching



Convergence Memorial Day at South Park, details to follow.

Core: Saturday in Belmont at Stowe Park at 7:00

Advertisement for “The Charge”: Tomorrow at PDS


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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