“Core Meltdown is like Fight Club, but with two more F’s…”

So here I am, sitting in my office this morning and typing up my first BB after my first Q.  A colleague walks in, as my cellphone rings from an unrecognized number.  “Scrum, it’s Blue Tornado.”  I reply energetically, “Hey, Blue Tornado!” I then quickly look to my colleague as if to say, this is important and I need to take it.   When she returns, my colleague asks, “So, who is Blue Tornado???”  The quickest explanation I could give was, ‘That’s a buddy from a club I belong to.  It’s like Fight Club but with two more F’s.”

Warm Up:


Imperial Walkers


Plank position hamstring stretches – foreshadowing the sprints to come


Thing One:

11’s in parking lot – Kettle Bell (10) / Merkins (1)

Mosey down to lakeside for: Hammer Curls, Tricep Press, Upright Rows, Goblet Squats, mosey over to Hill (+3pts to Swing State for speed mosey.)


Thing Two: The Hill – partnered up

First partner sprint up hill and back, while partner does the following.  One exercise for each sprint:

Hammer Curls, Tri-cep Press, Upright Rows, Goblet squats, Right and left-handed overhead press

Turntable Special – Kettlebell toss up the Hill and back.

Extra Credit – Group sprint all-out to top and back.  Hoe Down received +11 extra credit points for finishing hill sprint first.  (Turntable started on-time with the rest of the group and finished second, so he gets +6pts.)

Mosey back to lakeside: Hammer Curls, Tri-cep Press, Left and Right-Handed overhead press, renegade rows, upright rows, Louganis (Hoe Down noted his inverse Louganis. Duly noted.) 10 burpees OYO

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary – Turntable selected Travoltas, Blue Tornado picked Mountain Climbers (a lot of them… big imaginary mountain.)

Great takeout by Blue Tornado.


Notes from the gloom: Valdez inquired about the ‘type’ of music we were listening to during warm up.  (‘Chief’ by Lettuce).  Also, after racking many extra credit points (+18) for extra reps; Valdez snuck away from the hill to assess and address an oil spill near the restroom on the hill.  Good thing we had an expert there.  Crisis averted and risk mitigated.

Excellent ‘constructive’ feedback from Rev on my counting.  Not sure if I was too slow, or too fast.  (Maybe I just screwed up the terminology.  In any case, need to get that cleaned up.)

Additional +3pts to Hoe Down for changing count to 98, 99, 100… when female group passed by.  Pretty sure they bought it…

Great chatter about best rock and roll lyrics.  According to recent studies it was concluded that: ‘I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.’ Jim Morrison, as greatest lyric.  Thank you science!

+3 pts to Controller who was spotted jogging home with this kettlebell after workout.

Announcements: NO regular Core workout this Saturday.  Clown car operation to Tesla’s AO.  Meet at MPTS.  See Pigskin or Rev for details.

There is a some ‘thing’ in the mountains on June 21, with guys doing guy things with other guys…  see Rev for details.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first Q.  Rev was correct, while slightly uncomfortable at first, it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it looked in the video.  Excellent group of PAX and a spectacular morning at Freedom Park.  Honor to be amongst you all this am!

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  • May 16, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    well done. we will work on the counting. the rest was top shelf.

    oh…and that playlist… was it called “bongwater” ? cuz it sounded like music to clean your bong to.

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