S6 BB: Learning to Manage the Talent

Celebrity guests are hard to manage. Now that Coach is one of Metro’s most elite runners I’ve been trying to get him to come showcase his talents at Sweet 6.  He, like Bill Murray, doesn’t have ‘people’.  Just a Skytel 800 number you can call to leave messages to request appearances*.  I’ve left at least a dozen now.  Finally got a response last night.  A single word:  “Probably”.  My hopes are up.  I scramble the caterers and florists.  Christ Church parking lot is ready for the big arrival.  Alas, he must have not been impressed with my menu selections.  Sweet 6 will have to hold its breath at least one more week.  I’m not even disappointed.  It just builds more excitement.

Equally difficult to get out is Iron Mike but he requires a different tact.  The promise of an 8:30/mile pace was enough for him to sign on the dotted line last night.  TalkBox, in typical TalkBox fashion, bolts out of the gate almost breaking the contract before we got to Harris Teeter.  After reigning in said Box we settled into our conversational pace nicely.  That is until Iron Mike spots some arm candy off in the distance.  Next thing I know we are trucking down Morehead at sub 7.  I do believe the girls were impressed by Iron Mike’s “Sup Ladies?” and TalkBox’s “So how about this weather?” comments.  True Casanovas those two.  Now that I know the true motivators I expect his attendance will increase surreptitiously.

It is still unclear to me whether Boone is running Sweet 6 or just out for a morning jog.  Half credit.

Oh.  And we all enjoyed SleepDancer’s company this morning.

* https://people.com/movies/bill-murray-explains-why-hes-only-reachable-via-mysterious-800-number/

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