The things I’ll never know

When folks that have never been to MIP talk with me about what the workout is like, it’s sometimes hard to explain. On the one hand it’s a basic kind of beat down. On the other, it’s an incredible breadth of fitness, age, strength, background, and perspective. On the other everybody is suffering from the same disease. But the basic idea of the workout is the same as any other. You got a Q, the Q’s got a plan, and we all follow along. The thing about MIP is you get to have moments you just didn’t see coming.

We’ll come back to that.

We started out with the standard. Because that’s why you call it a standard—it’s standard.

Mosey towards Moorhead, but don’t go in a straight line. Pause for some peoples chair along the way to get the 6.  Why would I want to do that? End up in the parking lot with a big wall at one end—walls are a good thing. Partnered up for 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 big boy sit ups, in between doing the exercises, run the length of the parking lot and climb the wall, do one burpee and run back.

Pause for a little Mary, the head to the railings for plankomerkinladder. Or something like that. Plank in front of the railings, and then climb with your hands up one, then down, all the way up to 7 (that’s the top railing0—makes sense huh?) and then back down. Need a better name for this.

Mosey off by speed—slower guys first. Idea was to get us all back at the same time. Kind of worked, kind of didn’t.

Circle up for COT.


Strong group with several fng’s. Welcome tot, poomba, krypton, pettyworth and rocky road. One of the younger guys was tall, lean, in great shape….basically a blond haired blue eyed all American type. If you saw this kid on the street, you would have thought he had it all. I asked him where home was and he pointed to the dorm. I asked again, more specifically “Where will you go when you are done here?” I didn’t mean to be nosey, just trying to get to know the kid.

“I’ve been homeless for 3 years.”

He had no idea where he would go next. I’ve heard of having nothing, this kid might have had less than that when it came to possessions. But he was where he needed to be, and I needed to see him. Nothing, and I am rock solid convinced of this…nothing increases your gratitude like seeing something and thinking you had something in common, and the thing you figured you had in common….wasn’t there.  I’ve always had a home. And I figured if you were a good looking all American kid, you had one to. I didn’t see that one coming.


I love MIP. In so many ways, it has shaped the man I am, and how I see the world.

I can’t be there the next 2 weeks, but I will be back after that.


Your friend,


The Reverend Flo-Rida.

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