Casbah Backblasts Aren’t Extinct

11 posted to outrun the rain and succeeded.  We failed on the humidity part.

The Thang:

Mosey out to Foxcroft Rd.  Sidestep Chappys car.  Throw it in reverse to grab Chappy.  Mosey to right on Sedley.  Stop at Beresford for SSH x 3 and Birdfeeders x 8 each leg.  *disclaimer*  Mosey right on Arbor Way to Valencia.  Stop for Merkins x 10 IC, WideArms x 10 IC, DIamonds x 15 OYO.

Chuck Woolery’s down Valencia.  2 burpees at every other driveway on left.  Stop at Fairview for some plankage.  Cross Fairview and Indian Run south on Valencia to Sharon View.  Stop for more merkins: offset left, offset right, solo handslapper, WideArms.

Mosey back up Valencia towards home- Valencia to right on Edenton.  Red light/Green light up Edenton with 80%, 90%, AYG intervals.  Left on Arborway to left on Sedley to left on Foxcroft to home.  Fin.

We had much too fun doing merkins etc to find the end of Valencia.  Next time… Good thing we waited for Chappy as he kept YHC’s mind on conversation instead of Chuck Woolery’s… There are a crapload of pax in Governors Square and Foxcroft… Strava showed 4.1 miles but we’ll go with apple’s 4.3mi… Prayer requests for Kaiser and Cowen (sp?) families as the work thru sickness and losses… Tardy- thx for the opportunity and for setting the pace.

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