2 Q’s are better than none.


No shovel flag?…and Kickin’ Chicken scoffed and ridiculed at the preposterous question when YHC posed it.  Questioning KC’s patriotism.  The pax mustered, and we launched with no disclaimer, of course.  This is Metro – no SF’s, no IW’s and no disclaimers.  Is a river’s flow always weakest at the source?

We actually did some IW’s as part of COP on the Hornets court.  At that point, Uncle got a bit emotional when mentioning that MJ actually played on the court.  Pretty sure Uncle’s still trying to arrange a Heat vs Hornets pick-up game there…Chris Bosh, Glen Rice & Kelly Tripucka are already HC for it.

We did some other stuff on the court, including some swings with the KB’s before moseying up to the pitch at the home of the Dilworth Dragons.  It was 5th grade graduation day, so the turf was in particularly fine form.

By the way, at this point, Caesar showed up and started his own 37 minute workout at the Latta Park pavilion.  He took a lot of breaks while watching the 3-on-3 pickup game on the aforementioned court.

Did a few rounds of down-and-back ‘catch me if you can’ farmer carry.  P1 farmer carries while P2 does called exercise (jump squats, H-R merkins, burpees, Freddy Mercury’s).  You know the drill.  Would have been nice to have Caesar join us, but KC, Boba and STH didn’t mind as they did a 1/3 less work during that portion.

YHC handed off the Q at about 0557 to Ickey for several reasons, not the least of which is that YHC has no idea what he’s doing with KB’s & Ickey is a seasoned Diamondhead veteran.

So he called a pyramidal? set of KB swings, lifts, squats, etc. with sprints in between.  YHC was decidedly the six on every one of them.  But of course, the form was decidedly impeccable…..

After that 20+ minutes of pain, we moseyed back to the launch lot; except Uncle stopped and told the 3-on-3 group – “I got next game”.  They didn’t even acknowledge…

Hillary was HC but the HC turned into a fartsack after celebrating his 55th at Wooden Robot the night before.

Caesar joined the pax when we got back to the launch lot.  Called some goblet squats and then 10 burpees OYO, but pretty sure Caesar and most everyone else, for that matter, didn’t do any of the burpees.  Strong work.

Some other sundry observations:

Boba Fett spent the preponderance of the morning telling KC about his Spring Break trip to Surfside, and how he and his buddies partied it up, and destroyed some styrofoam coolers. #glorydays

Last time YHC posted at Combine (month ago), STH hadn’t lined up any Q’s so Hillary Q’d until 0555 and then left as he always does and handed the Q to someone else whose name I can’t recall…and there were only 4 of us that day.  So this time when STH tapped YHC to Q, I recruited a co-Q (Ickey).

Good to meet FOTM, Voorhees and Kodak this morning.

Enjoyed it fellas.  Thanks for the Metro hospitality.  Pretty sure STH is on Q next week.  He promises lots of Auburn talk and no IW’s.



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