The Instrumental Q

#Atilla has been Snoop’s new favorite F3 beatdown.  Brought an FNG(Nomad) out last month and never looked back. Four weeks in a row, yep.  Combine great pax energy, musical playlist by Q and moderate paced workout that everyone enjoys = Atilla.  


Now, YHC gets a chance to take these boys for a ride on the #SnoopTrainQ! The gloom was perfect…a little rain and the cooler temps felt to good-to-be-true.


It went a little something like this:


0520 – Q plants shovel flag and warms up the #BoomBox. Santana’s Jungle Strut splits open the morning gloom as pax roll in. Atilla’s Friday ‘meet n greet’ officially begins. #FistBump x 20


0526 – Santana’s Everything’s Coming Our Way slides out the #blueTooth and Q starts the disclaimer, you know, “You are here because you wanna be…” Stuff like that.


0529 – Pax, can we cross Kings Dr without getting killed this morn? Yes we can. “Goldburg, grab the #shovelFlag when we launch!”,blares the Q.  Perfectly timed, Rush’s Tom Sawyer opens the #SnoopTrainQ with a boom! Let’s go pax, mossy over to #MagicHate-MirrorBall for a #coolA$$ warm-up session.


0530 – COP around a planted #shovelFlag is over-the-top YO!

SSH x 23, Imperial Walkers x 20.

Pax end line sprint down, backwards jog back to start. Q call’s random planks.

Rinse and repeat X 3 and mix in some #bearCrawls for good luck or whatever you want under your pillow. You know.

Squats and chatter begins.  Bread’s Mother Freedom blaring as we wind down into a cool out period after our warm-up period. That’s when Q noticed someone curiously thumbing thru Atilla’s #SnoopTrainQ playlist…hmmm? #RevFlo


0540 – Pax hits the greenway headed North. #DoReMe likes the #BoomBox then a request. How ‘bout an instrumental Q? You got any that Q? Well, yes we do…ReMe.  Allman Brothers Band Hot ‘Lanta (Live, Fillmore East) You know! Pax goes crazy! Damn, that sounds awesome under the overpass. Yes it does. #Rev likes it too.

Rock Derkins X 10, Squats X 10, Rock Derkins X 10, Squats X 10 LBC x 50


0546 – Pax heads North and keeps rockin’.  Hold up at next stop and grab some wall fellas.  Arosmith’s Sweet Emotion sounds cool as we get into Dips x 10, Derkins x 10,Dips x 10, Derkins X 10.  #Atilla pax starts to sing along and hit all the familiar lyrics and sounds pre programmed into tiny brains.  Air guitar…yes!


0550 – Here comes James Brown’s Licking Stick and we mosey to our next stop.  Just imagine 21 #Atilla pax jamming to James Brown running the greenway. Beautiful ain’t it? Pax holds up for some plankin’ just before the underpass tunnel.


0555 – Q calls a 5 round, multi exercise movement:

(Squats x 10, run thru tunnel, Merkins x 10, run back and repeat) Mix up squat and merkins each round.

The Trashmen’s Surfin’ Bird blast from the #blueTooth as the pax blast into the five rounds.  Squats and thru the tunnel to merkins x 10 and the music stops..?  Q spots a pax hijacking the playlist. The Kinks’ You Really Got Me blares into space as #Rev looks over his shoulder.  What’s up man?, spits the Q. “Oh, just helping you out says #Rev.” Uhh, thanks #Rev.

Q calls the rounds with a Tommy Tutone’s Jenny/867-5309 change up. All pax started grunting along to a classic tune…you know.


0603 – 12 minutes to get back, but first #bearCrawl up the steps and circle back around x 4. “Damn man!” chatter goes off. “We got time fellas, just relax.’ Stray Cats’ Rock This Town won approval and pax jammed thru 5 rounds of #bearCrawls up a gazillions steps.  


0610 – Pax hits the greenway for the return home.  Thin Lizzy’s Boys Are Back In Town and Foghat’s Fool For The City delights our ears and provides…you know #VisionsOfGrandeur for the run back to the #ShovelFlag.  Lead pax returns for the six and all is well at F3-Atilla.


0615 – COT


Noteworthy Items:


#Tesla provided a copy of the Muller report, which was read during the workout


#MySherona has the lowest ‘deep squat’  in F3. Just ask him to show you. LOL


#Rev did collude with himself to high-jack the playlist and Q his own workout during the actual #Atilla SnoopQ.


#Snoop did not obstruct but used executive power to change the playlist track and tempo of workout to off-set collusion attempt by the #Rev


#Verified sighting hot females running by #Atilla with encouragements to ‘party on dudes’ and ‘like the muzack boys’


#Strong take-out by #Rev at COT


This #backBlast is complete and Snoop will take as many follow up questions as necessary and clearly state to all peeps that the #SnoopTrainQ has left the station.


The Instrumental Q…


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  • June 10, 2019 at 8:02 am

    Snoop, great Q. Rev commented that the Q should never play an instrumental as it disenfranchises the pax and stifles their enthusiasm. Only exception might be Edgar Winters Frankenstein. DRM thinks it cause he cant mumble along without the words. Just sayin’. DRM

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