SIBling Rivalry 6/11/19

The beginning of the summer timed mile! Always a fun day. And it was two-name day! Deer Tick, Blow Dart, Love Boat, Tool Belt, Gas Ex (maybe? Probably GasEx) (but we’ll count it)


Warm Up:

OYO. A few laps here and there and some mild stretching.


The workout:

We did two “drill” laps, an 800 at your 5K pace, two more “drill” laps, and another 800 at your 5K pace. Then we did a 400m recovery followed by the timed mile.

“Drill lap” – Do a drill like high knees or butt kicks along the straights and a jog recovery in the turns.


Drills 1 and 2 were high knee hops and high knees.

Think about a loose upper body, quick foot turnover, and being light on your feet. A high knee hop – drive the left knee up and do a little hop on the right foot, drive the right knee up and do a little hop on the left foot. Almost like a little skip.


Drills 3 and 4 were butt kicks and straight leg bounding.

For the butt kicks, think about flexibility and quick foot turnover. The straight leg bounding is, well, kind of like running while keeping your legs straight. It looks like a bunch of dudes trying to river dance, but trust me, it activates the glutes.


The best part of the workout was the start of the timed mile.

GasEx: What’s next?

YHC: The timed mile. Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about all morning?

GasEx: Ohhh… I thought you meant you already did that.

Way to dominate that last 800 man!


See Strava for mile times.  They looked pretty good to me – especially Oswald!  Smoked it.

If you were there, record those times and make your goal for some end of summer Tuesday.




West Charlotte opportunities every Saturday.

0700 – Revolution workout at Revolution Park.

0800 – Coffeteria at Community Matters Café on West 1st next to the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

0900 – Mission I’m Possible at the Rescue Mission.

1100 – Revolution 2.0 at the Stratford-Richardson Y with the youth at the Y.

1130 – Pizza following the workout.


Thanks Tool Belt for the takeout. Record those times and make your goal for some end of summer Tuesday.

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