Acceleration at Revolution 2.0

Week 11 at Revolution 2.0 and we are gaining some momentum.  These type endeavors take faith and persistence but it is paying off.  We had 25 pax including 10 teens (not including 2.0’s of PAX).    Fitting tribute to dad’s by Kenny, now known as Destroyer.

The Thang:

COP with SSH, Merkins, IW’s, Mtn Climbers, and Squats (all to 15 in cadence).   Jog around parking lot over to base of hill in the back.    Burbee/squat ladder with burpees at top of hill and squats at bottom.  Bear crawl up and increase burpees by 1 each trip (starting with 1) and run back down for squats (starting at 5 and increasing by 5).

Run back over to the field for some sprints.   All you got down to one end and recovery jog/walk back.  We sprinted 3 or 4 times.

COP for dealers choice.  Each pax calls out an exercise for the rest of the pax and then runs around the circle.    We went all the way around and then the pax had to do whatever exercise they called until the Q called stop.

Partner up at end of field for sprints and exercises.   Each team completed total of 100 merkins, 50 squats, and 20 burpess (Q got the merkins and squats mixed up).



Weather was excellent and we had 8 new teens plus Night Owl and Destroyer for 10 teens.   Night Owl received an F3 shirt (thanks to Lynch Pin for Fed Ex type on-time delivery) as it was his 5th post.    Kenny Wood posted for his third time and PAX named him destroyer as he is from Virginia not to far from the naval base.   Wood Chuck, Wood Shed, Air Craft Carrier (Kenny is as large as an aircraft carrier), were a few of the other alternatives.

Destroyer, who is 15, lost his dad a few years ago and was the first teen yet to speak up in COT.  He reminded everyone to pray for dads on Fathers Day and it was awesome (although Kenny got a little emotional).   We prayed for all dads, including those that are not currently with their family.   Lots of broken relationships that are hard to heal so we prayed that God assist.

We also had 3 teens that play football (all lineman) for Hardin so the Pizza was gone quickly.   It was hot and the water also went fast.    The Q each week should make sure we bring plenty of water as it’s getting hot.    We had a case of water and it was gone by noon.

Relationships matter and I encourage others to try to develop a one on one relationship with one of the teens.   It takes time and can be hard but these kids need positive male influences.

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