When a substiQ opportunity presents itself late on Father’s Day evening, you should always as yourself WWTBD?  And, what WOULD Tebow do? Well, he would step up to help a brother out, run us around for a while, and try his best not to lose anyone. So that’s what I did (well, 2 out of 3….but we’ll come back to that).  So to best model WWTBD, I grabbed the clippers and shaved the old dome down to a 1/16″ to get my most Tebow aerodynamic look on. Unfortunately not anticipating the Q I had shaved the beard yesterday morning. But I digress…..

12 showed up at BHM this week, to burn off the Fathers Day weekend libations and work out the meat sweats (did anyone else smell bacon, burgers and BBQ in ball of man?).


  • Off into the Park we head, in a quick attempt to get out of sight before Pitino got out of his car…but to no avail as he caught up to us for COP (SSH, copperhead squats, merkins, mountain climbers, quad stretch, 6 inches)
  • Down to the greenway bridge beside the lake and decline bridge plank for the 6, up the nature museum hill to Sterling.
  • Down to Wellesley and up to Queens with 20 plank jacks at each intersection. 30 Dollies waiting for the 6.
  • Backwards up Wellesley to Field/Parking Deck at Queens/Myers Park Traditional.
    • 3 rounds up the deck/down the stairs
    • 15 called exercises (Merkins 1st round, Squats 2nd, Plankjacks 3rd) at each of the 4 levels
    • Mary at the bottom waiting for the 6 (LBC, Rosalita, Boxcutter)
  • Back across the field to Wellesley, with an obligatory round of Makhtar N’Diaye to dirty the elbows a little.
  • Mosey down to Maryland — hotfoot it down Maryland to East Blvd with 20 jump squats at each speed hump/intersection (nothing like a line of pax jump squatting in front of the lady runners….well EXCEPT doing monkey humpers in front of them). Protractor for the 6.
  • Mosey back to the lot.

This is where the 2 out of 3 comes in. While we MIGHT have tried to leave Pitino on the front end, we didn’t intentionally leave Sweetbriar behind. I can only assume, the astrological shift of the strawberry moon last night somehow affected his alarm’s time, and therefore we just missed him at the launch. But as we approached the lot, a voice calls out from the greenway….Sweetbriar emerges alone, but unscathed…and we are a full dozen for COT.


  • Lots of Saturday workout/service opportunities: Midwood moved to 6 AM (45mins bootcamp), 7 AM Revolution, 8:15 Coffeteria at Community Matters Cafe, 9:00 MIP or F3 Dads, 11:00 Youth workout at Stratford Richardson Y.
  • Thoughts, prayers, and congrats for Snowden and his wife on their first child over the weekend.


  • Before the rampant (but entertaining) theories for Tebow needing a substiQ take off….I’ll put it out there that demonstrating his true HIM-ness, he took a knee so his M could make her FNG post with the ladies of FIA. Welcome Money Bags to the FIA/F3 Nation.
  • Sweetbriar…sorry we left you out there solo…hopefully the light of the full moon kept you safe and not too spooked on the greenway.
  • Pitino will not be thanking me for the Makhtars. The insect bite on his elbow started to puff up nicely after COT. Topham and I offered to do an emergency tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen if he needed us to, but he declined the offer in favor of some benedryl at home.

Tebow (and Stogie) – Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.

— Boondoggle


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