Token Run at Fortress

Beautiful morning today with a great temperature and no humidity.  Almost perfect for this time of year.  So comfortable, in fact, that I felt compelled to ruin it for 15 Men at Fortress.  Here’s what we did.

Warm up:



Grass pickers

Mosey to the corner of Rutledge and Providence. Some mumble chatter about the 20lb dumbbell YHC was lugging around

Form a single file line.  Person in the front (Swap) gets handed the Token.  Indian run, Pax with the Token holds it until he is back in the front and hands it to the man behind him.  Ran Rutledge to Randolph, U turn back down Rutledge, right on Montclair, stop at the bottom of the hill.

Partner up. Partner A runs to the top of the MC hill by the church, Partner B runs up the other hill towards Rutledge.  10 merkins at the top, 10 partner-assisted situps at the bottom.  Repeat x4.

Keep your partner – Partner A does LBCs while Partner B runs to the end of Robin for 15 plankjacks.  Flap jack until you have done 200 LBCs combined.  Repeat with merkins (200) and knee ups (15 at the end of Robin).

Get back in the line, finish the run so that everyone gets the token at least once.

Run up Montclaire, left on Westbury, left on Providence, in the back entrance to the church, big loop around the church, back to parking lot.

2 minutes of Mary – Russian Twist/American hammer, Rosalita.



July 4th Convergence (Freedom Park?) followed by a Speed for Need run

Please keep Money in your prayers.  Please keep Robo’s brother in your prayers.

Horsey McHorse run on Mondays is on. Contact Egypt with questions.

I am missing an announcement – please leave it in the comments if you think of it.


Coach is going on vacation, so things are going to be quiet in Metro next week.

Sorry to those of you who did not get a chance to handle YHC’s toy during the run today. That didn’t sound right….whatever.  Go run around with a 20lb weight at some point this weekend so that you wont feel weaker than the rest of the Pax.

Impressed that most people actually remembered their place in the Run line when we picked it back up after the partner work.

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