Back to the Basics

17 men gathered in the early morning light to sharpen their minds, bodies, and spirits.  This would undoubtedly be the best beatdown on W 1st St, on Saturday, at 9AM.

The Thang:

Circle up for some warm-up


Copperhead Squat (like a real squat, but done correctly) X20



Gather the PAX and head to the rock pile (Does this even have a nickname yet? It should)

Carefully select & grab your rock



Rinse & repeat

Run to the Hippodrome, but we won’t use the track today.  Gather in groups of 3.

1 Partner at either end, 1 partner runs in the middle for some grinders.

Exercises on either end included:





Monkey Humpers

Turkish Git-Ups

Run to the basketball court, don’t be distracted by the scenery

Time for a little Mary





Head back to the rock pile, stop at the bridge for a round of:

Drop it like it’s HAWT


At the rock pile:

2 Rounds of squat/stretch count downs

Head back to Home Base.





Great crowd out today with a lot of repeat customers (who did not want their money returned). 2 FNG’s, PointBreak (from Florida) and Coco-Nut (also from Florida).  Both hung with us well, welcome guys.  Speaking of which, the entire PAX pushed hard Saturday and as a result YHC was extremely sore Sunday.  Heck, sore even this Monday.  Does anyone else think Token and Burbank are twins? YHC got them slightly mixed up.  They must go to the same barber.  #brotherfromanothermother .  Always amazed at Kroptonite‘s X2Respect, keep it up.  How did Monkeyfeet get his name?  I can only surmise it’s the monkeyfeet shoes some runner’s wear, but YHC has never seen him wear them.  Got to talk to Sparkleberry during our grinders, found out he’s a UNCC student and studying Accounting/Finance…#dryastoast but #successful.

Thanks so much to Carrier and Beaver for the take out.  Thanks to [Exxon] Valdez and Beaver for the opportunity to lead and learn.


PS…did YHC get everyone listed?  Sound off in the comments if YHC missed someone, sorry didn’t have my phone.

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