We Have A New Winner

Cindy didn’t win.  He always does, but not this time.  Today belonged to my new favorite HIM, PAIN BUCKET…

The Activities

  • Out of the lot, west on Carson, stop at District Dentistry lot near S. Mint for exercises.
  • Right on Mint, left on Morehead, left on Cedar, to the Dead End (all part of the plan).
  • AYG back to Morehead, continue west one more block, left on South Clarkson.
  • Take that south to Summit.  Left on Summit, stop for exercises, continue east to Merriman.
  • Down Merriman to Kingston stopping at each street for 15 merkins.
  • Right on Kingston, down to Spruce, stop for exercises.
  • Up Spruce to where the hills starts, just past the Wilmore Neighborhood Playground.
  • AYG to Merriman, 5 burpees at the top.
  • Continue east on Spruce, left on Wilmore, right on Park, left on Mint up to Summit.
  • AYG east on Summit to the summit x 2.
  • Continue east on Summit, left on Church, stop at the 43 Feet podcast studio parking lot for exercises and to check on the carrier pigeons.
  • Continue north on Church, right on Bland, left on Winnifred, north to Carson.  Stop for exercises.
  • East on Carson to the rail trail.  South on the trail to Bland, 15 merkins, U-turn back to Carson.
  • Derkins, Dips and LBCs at the splash pad.

Home for COT.


Keeping Gitmo’s Pops in our thoughts and prayers as he recovers.

Thank you to PAIN BUCKET for the takeout.  He reminded us to pray for us, and our families, and those in our communities, including those that are in… jail.  I believe that is the first time I have heard the incarcerated community called out in a take-out.  Thank you for that PB.  This country seems to like locking up people at an alarmingly high rate with concentrations disproportionate to certain communities.

Nekkid Talk

Gandalf advertised on the Twitter on Sunday evening that I would be leading at PWW in the morning and that “all areas west of the Dowd are considered his (meaning Slice’s) territory”.  Thanks for putting me in that box Gandalf.  I was planning a nice little trip to Waverly followed by some time at the MegaDeck, but you ruined it.  No worries, I can get down with the westside.  In fact, if you go by the uptown north/south street grid, one could make the argument that the Muthaship is west of the Dowd.  But then if you actually look at a compass you realize that the Charlotte street grid is terribly misleading.  The north/south streets run northeast/southwest and the east/west streets run northwest/southeast.  It’s a damn diamond posing as a square (unless a diamond is a square?  Any geometry majors out there?).  Being a geography major myself, I felt obligated to stay true to the actual real longitudinal north/south/east/west.  This is how it looks in my head:


I can make this work.  Some, not naming names, will be disappointed with having to head to the wrong side of the tracks, but they will likely be disappointed in whatever I planned.  So when I roll out of the family van, I have a plan, and I feel good.  Hillary is doing something weird by a tree, Cindy is adjusting his parking spot, Horn is getting in some extra credit.  All is fine…. then I see him.  He’s arriving on foot, in an F3 shirt, with a mobile device strapped to his arm.   Oh hell.  This has the classic, out of town, mistakenly stumbling into the closest workout to uptown, not prepared for the beating that is about to go down, feel to it.  “Well how do you do sir?  You don’t look like you’re from around these here parts”.  “Howdy, I’m PAIN BUCKET from Edenton”.  I immediately turn to Gandalf (as if this is his fault) and tell him:

“G, I got a plan, and it doesn’t involve waiting on this dude”.

G: “Slice, you gotta do you and let the chips fall where they may”.

BOOM, all responsibility transferred to the site Q.  I am free to roam.

District Dentistry – PAIN TRAIN (that’s my new nickname for PAIN BUCKET) is right there in the COP getting his merkin on… “Well. okay, we’re only 4 minutes in…”

Cedar AYG – PAIN TRAIN right along side the rest of the full compliance crew… “Hmmm, maybe that portly appearance is really just a powerful barrel chest”…

Alllll the wayyyy down South Clarkson and Merriman – Turn around, who’s in last place?  “Well I’ll be damned, it ain’t our man PAIN TRAIN (catch up THRUST!)…”

Summit x 2 – Still can’t drop this mf’er, but Starbuck might not make it…

COT – PAIN BUCKET looking like he could go another 10 rounds, takes a knee for the prayer, delivers it like a boss, drops the mic, and disappears into the sunrise…

I don’t know where this man came from, besides Edenton, which may or may not actually be a real place or actually have F3, what he was doing in Charlotte, or why he was able to cover 4.7 miles over 45 minutes, with 1000 merkins sprinkled in, like it was his standard Monday morning.  What I do know is that he WINS.  I hope you have a nice place to display this VT PAIN BUCKET.  It is well deserved.  Don’t worry Cindy, it’s unlikely PAIN TRAIN will be back to defend his title next week , so you will certainly return to your winning ways…

Thanks G, you always make it feel special at PWW.

Thin Slice

2 thoughts on “We Have A New Winner

  • June 25, 2019 at 8:21 am

    2 Things:

    1. Ask ‘Bisco who won.
    2. It’s Paint Bucket. And PB smoked Hillary who’s chest hair seems to have gotten hairier.

  • June 25, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    1. Your evisceration of Nabisco on the 2nd trip up Summit was impressive. Most notably because, from my vantage point, you appeared to be running at full speed, with your head turned completely sideways towards our man ‘Bisco, yelling encouragement that may or may not have been laced with profanities I didn’t even know existed.

    2. You say tomato, I say tomahto. He will forever be known as PAIN TRAIN to me.

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