Know Thy Partner

Great morning at Fortitude today – 15 Pax including 5 Returning Champs.  Here’s what we did:


Merkins x 10

Glute stretches (hold plank, right foot to left hand, flapjack)

SSH x 15

IW x 15

Mosey across N. Tryon to the dead end at Church and Sprunt. Plank for John Travoltas – 10x each arm

Mosey up Church to intersection with Wadworth. Circle up for instructions.  In addition to the exercise, this is a “getting to know your partner” effort – each round of Partner work will involve one personal fact that will be shared with the group.  Details below:

Partner up. Partner A runs to intersection with Sprunt, Partner B runs to intersection with Liddell.  Each Partner does 10 LBCs then back to Wadsworth for 10 handslap merkins.  While doing your handslaps, share your hometown with your Partner.  After handslaps, run to the opposite deadend for 10 more LBCs then back in the middle and circle up standing next to your Partner.

While running in place, go around the circle and everyone says their Partner’s F3 name and their hometown.  After each person goes, drop for one burpee then resume.  All the way around the circle = 16 burpees, air raid style.

Repeat with plankjacks at the intersections, handslaps in the middle, and favorite movie.

Circle up in plank position.  Go around the circle with a merkin after each Pax shares their Partner’s info.

Repeat with squats at the intersections, handslaps in the middle, and favorite cereal.

Circle up in air-chair position. Go around the circle with a sumo squat jump after each Pax shares their Partner’s info.

Mosey to the dead end of Liddell.  On your 6 for some Mary – LBCs, Freddy Mercury, Dolly.

Pick a rock from the pile.

15x curls for the gurls, 15x squats, 15x skull crushers

10x curls, 10x squats, 10x skull crushers

5x curls, 5x squats, 5x skull crushers

Trade rocks with your Partner and carry his rock to the intersection with Church and back to the dead end

Put the rocks down.  10 partner assisted sit-ups and 10 partner derkins. Repeat x 2

Throw rocks back in the pile and mosey down Church to Sprunt and across N. Tryon to the basketball court at the Shelter.

3ish minutes of Mary – LBCs, American Hammers, and finish like we started – Merkins.


Announcements – 1) 4th of July Convergence at Independence Park followed by 4-miler leaving from the Metropolitan area; 2) Monday night headlocking at the Shelter is in full swing and we need Pax to come out – awesome way to spread the word about Fortitude and meet the Shelter guests; 3) F3 is doing breakfast service at the Shelter the last Monday of every month – contact Pipeline or Maradona for details; 4) the Shelter is doing Serve-and-Learns where you can do a lunch service and then take a tour of the Shelter and learn about their mission and how they accomplish it – contact Country or Pipeline for details.



Great crew this morning including 5 returning champs and a visitor from Cleveland, Undertaker.

Learned a good bit about one another during the Partner work.  Pipeline’s favorite cereal is raw oats. #horse

The Partner rock-swap run was definitely easier for some than others, but we all rely on one another and sometimes we have to carry our brothers and the weight they bring with them.  Country picked up a boulder – sorry, Jedi!  Talk about a #HIMonHIM partner combo…

Lynchpin and Colonel were in lockstep this morning #mindmeld

Maybe and Seacrest were crushing the workout so hard that they got a little tripped up on one of the fact shares #5burpees

Chico shared some wisdom over coffee after the workout about how he uses humor to find light in the darkness.  Loved that.

Fruit of the Loom made me laugh so hard during the air raid that I think I cracked a rib doing my burpee.  Exercising and trying to recall random info at the same time leads to hilarity.

Headhunter was out front as always.  Dude is a #beast

Dozer’s favorite cereal – Cap’n Crunch. Gridlock’s – Cinnamon Toast Crunch #crunchbrothers

Always awesome to have out-of-towners at Fortitude, and Undertaker fit right in. Thanks for joining us, Brother!

Redgrave came and joined us for Mary and COT – awesome to see him!

Maradona and Pipeline, thank you for your leadership.  There are a hundred reasons why Tuesday is my favorite morning of the week, and they all have to do with Fortitude.

Final note:  As we were running to the dead end of Church and Sprunt, one of the Pax uttered something that I think speaks volumes about F3 and the relationship we have with our Brothers at the Charlotte Men’s Shelter – he said “this feels really good.”  At first I thought he meant the weather (which actually did feel good for about 10 minutes), but then he expanded on the thought and said “it feels really good to be running down this street with a purpose, doing something good instead of getting into trouble.”  Apparently that dead end is a hang out where some not-so-great things occasionally happen, but not today – today it was a place of strength, a place where we strengthened our bodies and, more importantly, our relationships with one another – alone we are weak, but together we are invincible.  That’s some powerful s***.


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  • July 2, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    Quoting BB: Fortitude Pax said “this feels really good.”…thought he meant the weather…but then he said “it feels really good to be running down this street with a purpose, doing something good instead of getting into trouble.” ….That’s some powerful s***…. End Quote. Aye, Powerful indeed.

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