Get Sloppy!

And we did just that.  It was a sloppy wet sweat fest out there this morning gents!  I just had to think about working out this morning and I already started sweating.  I was soaked after the 1.5 EC warmup with Funny Farm.  My shirt was actually making slapping sounds on the ground while doing merks.  It was stick-nasty out, but that didn’t deter these 15 pax and 1 FNG… most of whom had no idea what they were in for as some F3 Valley faithful (Thursdays 0530 at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary) came a few miles east to post up with YHC and the DMZ crew.

0515 EC – Run 1.5 through Kimblewyck Ln and up Sharon View and back to AO.

The pax had already started forming.

0530 ME –

Warmup –

take off down Thornridge by way of Camilla Dr and circle up a corner of Carmel.  On the way Coldcuts mentioned a hammy tinger.  “Next exercise is…forward fold!”

  • SSH X 25
  • Squat X 15
  • Merkin X 15

The Thang – It was gonna be a trilogy (or trinity) of 4s (corners that is), but we only made it through a pair.  Partner up and run opposite your mate until you get to a corner and do either squat jumps or merkins (alternate at each corner.  When you pass your partner – 10 handslaps.  Meet back at the start. Flapjack but stop at the opposite corner when you meet your partner.

Plank – o – rama

Mosey down to Sharon View via Kimblewyck ln.  At the corner – LBC’s until the 6

Mosey up Sharon View to a Right on Hardison (Pellyn Wood) to find some hills.  Mosey to corner of Howland and await the 6.  Plank-o-rama.  I heard mention of ralph but so no merlot.

time for some more 4’s!  Same call as the first quad, only different terrain, very different.  Gorham DR!!!! Ouch.  Merkins and squat jumps at the corners, handslaps with your partner – flapjack until you get to the top of the hood and Plank – O-Rama till the six.

Mumble chatter was strong in the beginning, but quickly faded into the heavy breathing as pax was pushed by the speed of Chalet, Becky, Funny Farm and the like.  Thanks for the push boys.  It made for a wet start to the day.  And I like to start the day wet!

Time was up and it was time to get back to the V-flag.  So we did.  In true form, pax pushed their way back home for a strong finish.


We got in just shy of 4 in for the ME (5.4 with EC)…unless you are Hannible the animal who broke of 7.5 with a run in and out (nice work my friend).  Inspiration!  We got in plenty of hills and a lot chest and arm work to boot.  I’m gonna feel all those merkins tomorrow when I’m trying to keep with the Black Widow pax.  Welcome FNG Dan Johnson – F3 “No Load” (pax wanted “Jenner” nickname, but after further information YHC exercises first right of refusal and went with option 2 – sorry gents – No Load it is). Thanks for following me out into the gloom today boys!

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