Preemptive Strike

YHC hadn’t been to Big Hair in awhile and thought it was time to get back to one of Metro’s iconic workouts.  Yesterday, after seeing no one listed on the Q Signup Genius page, YHC reached out to Stogie. It sounded like he had a backup plan in case no one stepped up to lead.

Fast forward to this morning.  Roll up to the gravel lot and see a handful guys standing around.  Quickly notice Want Ad standing alone.  Swear he had his game face on like he was about to burn down Dilworth with his arsenal of Burpee-related exercises.

I love Want Ad but the guy must have some sort of childhood trauma like his parents wouldn’t let him get up early on Saturday mornings to watch Scooby Doo cartoons.  Mind you, back in the day, we didn’t have DVR’s or On Demand.  If you weren’t in front of the tv when cartoons started, you missed out.  Then on Monday, none of the other kids on the playground would talk to you because you didn’t know how those meddlin’ kids solved the mystery of the Miner Niner.  That was the cut-throat life of a kid growing up in the ’70’s.  And its the only logical explanation for why Want Ad comes up with his twisted workouts.

Almost hesitantly, YHC asks Want Ad if he is leading and he says no.

Based on yesterday’s texts with Stogie, expected him to stroll up and either take the lead or recruit someone.  When YHC realized it was 5:30 AM and the Site Q was no where to be found, it was obvious YHC needed to launch a preemptive strike before Want Ad decided to take the reigns.  So YHC shouted “Lets go” and took the Pax into Freedom Park.

The Thang

Stop at the basketball court
COP:  SSH/ Merkins/ Squats/ Flutter

Run down the parking lot on left, stop at each crosswalk and speed bump for Merkins x 10

Endpoint was the entrance to the Train lot.  The dumpster stunk so we kept moving to the playground next to the train

Train Wreck: Variation of a circuit workout that OBT lead at New Year’s Day Convergence
Dips/ Pullups/ Squats/ LBCS x 10 each – run lap around train and playground
Repeat 3 times

Cross the bridge and past Subway and his running group
Stop for Dips/ Step-ups/ Derkins before heading to Hippie Hill or Hill of Hills…
Run the hills to top – 20 LBCS, back down for 20 CDD
Rinse and repeat 4 times reducing Reps by 5 each time

Plank at bottom so Achtung can take over
Sprint to original baseball field for Inboard & Outboard Pull-ups

Mosey to top of the pond at the Princeton entrance
Plankarama followed by Makhtar N’Diaye

Head towards the bandshell
Stop for Merkins & Squats x 50 each OYO

To the bandshell
Circle up for Mary – Pax call different exercise

Subway and his professional running group enter bandshell and gather around to watch us do exercises

After some flexing, Achtung leads us out and over the bridge to Train lot
Indian Run to the basketball court and Jail Break home


Snoop has the BHM Q next week to kick off his birthday celebration week as he hits Respect on Tuesday (7/16).  After BHM, Snoop is Qing Black Widow on his birthday and running Sweet 6 while carrying his trademark Shovel Flag on Thurs 7/18.  Do yourself a favor and be a part of this celebration.  You will be a better man after spending time in the Gloom with Snoop!

Haywoodstock 7 is Fri. July 26th during the start of 24HOB.  Mark it on your calendars now so you don’t get roped into a weekend with the in-laws.  Haywoodstock is an event not to be missed.

F3 Dads happening 9AM Saturdays at the Freedom Train Lot.  Hope the dumpster is emptied before the weekend.

Also make plans to support the new teen workout 11:30AM Saturdays at Stratford Richardson YMCA.  Thirty minute boot camp followed by 30 minutes of 2nd F while eating pizza with the teens.

Appreciate Achtung stepping up to take over the 2nd half of the Q.  YHC was making it up on the fly and starting to run out of ideas.  Did get concerned with Achtung when he called for Makhtar N’Diaye.  Want Ad grumbled there were no Burpees included with the Makhtars.

Truly grateful for all the Pax’s support today.  The Gloom was brutal but could have been worse…

Thinking about it now, seems kinda funny that when I made the call at 5:30AM to head out of the gravel lot, no one questioned it.  Don’t believe it was a reflection of YHC but respecting the role of the Q.

Along those lines, my daughter and I have been binge-watching the Office on Netflix.  Currently watching the episodes from Season 8 when Nellie Bertrand arrives from the Saber Corp Office in Tallahassee and decides to take over as Scranton Regional Manager in Andy Bernard’s absence.  Believe YHC had better success today than Nellie did in Scranton.

Re-watching these episodes is reminder of my pre-F3 life.  The Office series finale aired a month before my first F3 post.  Man, a lot has changed for YHC since then….

My daughter is now 15 which is a challenging age in the father/ daughter dynamic.  The Office is one of my all-time favorite shows and she discovered it on her own.  Now we watch it together and have strengthened our bond even more with this shared interest. Heck compared to Dwight K. Schrute, even YHC comes across looking pretty cool…

Not sure what was up with Subway and his crew trying to intimidate us in the bandshell.  It even rubbed Mighty Wind the wrong way – totally uncool move.

YHC has already had a talk with Stogie about today’s Q situation.  Stogie has to write “I will make sure Big Hair Monday has a Q scheduled each week” 100 times on the chalkboard.  Only problem is finding a chalkboard and some chalk…#antiques

Didn’t have a chance to reach out to Achtung if he wanted to add anything to this BB.  Pretty sure he wanted to stress the importance of Family and to stay away from the temptations of Video Back Blasts.  Just call him FW Jr.

Remember: next week is Snoop’s week!





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