Workin’ the guns

28 gathered for the latest round of Achillies Last Stand.  Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the Selwyn Teacher’s lot for warmup:  SSH, Sharon Towers, Heels to Heaven, Plankjack, L/R Hip/Hammy stretch.

Beast:  6 rounds, 6 reps in a figure 8 around the 4 middle islands.  Exercises were: Mericans, LBC’s, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Squats, and of course Burpees !  Charcoal and Hoe Down out front.

Mosey to the Basketball court for a Jacob’s ladder on the stairs – 7 rounds, Xfit Merican’s at the bottom, 7 down to 1.  A few people modified here, But not Hoe Down and Pigskin, who were out front and racing.

Mary for the six

Partner up for a partner Merican ladder – 1 up to 8 and back down.

Mary for the six

Mosey to the bars for a Partner pull up ladder – 1 up to 7 and back down

Mosey to the lot for 2 min. of people’s chair on the post.

That is all


Announcements:  The Charge Wed; Balsa Gliders and Connells Fri night,  Haywoodstock the 26th, help Swing State cook if so inclined.


And the Cradle will Rock, Panama – Van Halen

Walk all over you, TNT – AC/DC

Walk this Way, Dream On – Aerosmith

Rock of Ages, Pour some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Sweet Child O’ Mine – Gun’s N Roses


Thanks Foo for the keys – always a pleasure to lead this group.

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