Tacos with Hot Sauce

The Thang:

COP:  20SSH, 20IW, 10WM.

KnowThyPartner:  10 handslap merkins in middle of court, while learning partner’s favorite sports team;  run in opposite directions to wall; and hold squat position while everyone shares partner’s name and favorite team.  Repeat with favorite food; hold plank. Repeat with favorite movie; hold tree pose.

Partner up, different partner.  Each pair must complete 50 plankjacks, 100 lunges, and 150 LBCs.  Partner A runs to wall and backpedals back, while Partner B exercises.  Switch and Partner A picks up count, etc.

Knockout:  1st round: Pax does SSHs while waiting for turn; when you’re out, hold plank until game is over.  2nd round: Pax does squats while waiting for turn; when you’re out, LBCs until game is over.

COT: Birdie with the Take-out.



3 Teens earned their F3 nickname: Bam-Bam likes Fruity Pebbles; Birdie kept saying “Bye-Bye” during knockout and then missing the shot; would have named him “AirBall” without hesitation, if he were old enough to know better.  Knockout won Knockout.

Speaking of nicknames: Chicken really wants to name somebody “Bandwagon”; I mean really Bad.  #nexttime.

Speaking of knockout: that was fun.  Kudos to Turn-Two for the idea. Two observations: 1) the average man cannot wait in line for his turn in knockout and exercise at the same time; 2) if you get knocked out early, you’re going to be planking for a very long time.

WarDaddy’s favorite food: Grilled Salmon; WarBaby’s favorite food: Tacos with Hot Sauce. #gettingoldsucks

It’s pretty darn hot outside at 11:00.   The YMCA will reserve half the gym for us.  I’d suggest we work inside during the summer.   Posed that question during fellowship: the teens in unison looked up from their phones and yelled “inside”.   Take-aways: 1) they must really want to be inside; 2) they’re listening even when it looks like they’re not.

Speaking of fellowship, we covered Jester; most teens and adults shared what they struggle with and offered encouragement or tips to others.  One teen asked for help with anger; said his Dad died when his was Mom was pregnant with him; and when people in the neighborhood talk about his Dad, he gets mad and wants to fight. Not clear if people are saying negative things about his Dad, or if it just hurts to be reminded of the fact that his Dad is not in his life.   Either way, he could use our prayers and also our presence.  They all could.  We all could.  The Strength of the Pax is the Pax.



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  • July 9, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Aye – PAX are learning and adapting as we go such that this AO is accelerating. The idea to have partners share facts about each other is great as I think it helps build a relationship and that should be our number 1 priority given the kids are more likely to post consistently if a trusting relationship exists.

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