Puddle of Sweat

We had a bona fide beatdown this morning for the brothers of Core at Meltdown.  About half our group hived off to ruck (What is it they do out there?) while the rest of us busted our chops on the tarmac of the parking lot.  Here is what went down:

Park Lot KB Bit(15x/10x)

Goblet Squat

Greg Louganis

Tricep Ext

Russian Twist

Halo around head

Ball Chinian

Upright Rows,

Lawn Mowers,

Double KB Protractor

KB Swing

Overhead Press

Woodchoppers L/R

Ball Banger


40 shades Merkin

Charcoal Mountain Climbers

4 ct diag LBC

heel tap jump squats

toe tappers

cross fit merkins


hip slaps

Russian twists

Slow, good form burpees

Knee ups

I am not sure it was altogether fun, but it sure was vigorous.  We all had a puddle of sweat at our feet, the product of all of that KB-swinging and LBCs.  We were entertained by a long playlist of American music, from This Land is Your Land to American Woman.  Probably a little too loud for the neighbors.

It is always a pleasure to lead these men and play and sweat together.  Thanks for the keys, Blue Tornado.


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