S6 BB: Suffolk Punch Gummies

Slaughter tells me Suffolk Punch has no plans for more beer launches in the near term.  The main focus is getting to market with F3 CBD Gummies.  I think Slaughts is deep in product research at this point.  In his video tweet this morning he added two imaginary pax to the count and seemed to forgot who Swap is.  Swap is pretty handsome so I can see how he confused the two of us but still…  And after all this I notice he has forgotten his water bottle after COT.  I dutifully pick it up to return it next week only to see it isn’t full of water but Cool Ranch Doritos.  These gummies are going to be lit.

Snoop-a-Loop turned 350 years old this week.  In a nod to the special sesquarcentennial, he decided to ditch the shovel flag and instead ran with an over-sized novelty candle.  Getting it lit was tough, especially since it was out of a plastic nativity scene, but he managed.  The real close call was on the bio break at the gas station at Morehead and Kings.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he will get to see 351 but that farmers market next door is getting cramped with all these millennials moving to town and it would’ve been nice to level the Shell station so they could expand into a larger footprint.

In other news, senior management dropped in for a surprise mid year review.  It did not go well.  Still not sure how Ballz managed to creep up on me with that clip board attached.  The pen was flying all over the place.  And those coaching shorts were louder than George Costanza’s whooshing pants.  Anyway, he started with a few thinly veiled questions like ‘How’s your summer been?’ ‘You guys been traveling?’.  Having been absent for two weeks we both knew where this was going.  Didn’t even take a mile before I was issued 3 demerits.  Oh well.

Lastly, Fake News claims he completed his first 10K ever this morning.  Strava says 5.7 miles because he “forgot to start his watch”.  Mmmm hmmm.  Sounds like alternative facts to me.  You can try again next week Roger Ailes.

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