I love the sound of mumble chatter in the morning

One of many benefits of posting to a CORE workout is the opportunity to listen to Rev recite lines from various movies. One of his favorites is Apocalypse Now. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” is one of many classic lines. Today, given the mumblechatter, a variation of the classic line summarizes the experience.

While many jaws were exercised, we also worked other parts of our body. Here is what we did:

Warm Up: 20 each-merkins, SSH, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers, Alabama A** Kickers, Copperhead Squats and we did a hamstring stretch

Mosey to field-Line up across goal line. Q calls an exercise and then pax runs 35 yards to cone in the middle of the field and back for another called exercise, rinse and repeat.

Called exercises were: KB Curls, KB Overhead Press, KB Upright Rows, Nolan Ryans, KB Triceps and KB Young american hammers (not Russian Twists because we live in America). 10 each. Rinse and Repeat X 2.

We did another set of the exercises without the run in between each.

Mosey to wall-People’s Chair, Air Press, Air Punch. Rinse and repeat X 3.

Mosey back to field for BLIMPS-5 burpees, 10 Lunges, 15 IW, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks and 30 squats. Rinse and repeat X 2.

Mosey to parking lot: 10 KB curls, 10 KB Overhead Press, 10 KB Upright Rows, 10 Nolan Ryans, 10 KB Triceps and 10 Young American Hammers. Rinse and Repeat x 2.

YHC with the Take out.

NMM: As we know, a perk of serving as Q in a CORE workout is the selection of tunes. YHC decided to use an American theme this morning so he brought Country Music aka American music instead of the normal cover band genre. So the mumble chatter began quickly. YHC responded that the Q sign up sheet is open.

The warmups started with merkins. More mumble chatter. For some reason, the CORE pax thinks there is a “standard” and the “standard” starts with SSH. The “standard” is a myth…at least when YHC has the Q.

When Nolan Ryans were introduced, to honor the Hall of Fame pitcher who delivered a country beatdown of Robin Ventura, the PAX said the exercises were known as “Travoltas”. Not today. Also, check the F3 Exercise Lexicon.

When “Young” American Hammers were called, the Pax expressed outrage that they were not called Russian Twists. Not today. This is America-when YHC is the Q-they will be called American Hammers. Also, since YHC was using a C-O-U-N-T-R-Y theme, he needed a “Y” so today they were “Young” American Hammers.

When we did BLIMPS, there was chatter that we did not do a BLIMPS stack.

YHC could go on with mumble chatter examples.

No BLIMPS stack today. Only when Charcoal posts.

As a side note, the PAX should be grateful. If Charcoal posted today, we would have twice the number reps. After all, the Q must always challenge Charcoal.

Post workout, exhausted from humidity and the beatdown, YHC reflected on the mumble chatter. As Nibbler says (G-rated version): “If there is no mumble chatter, the workout was not good.” YHC will take the volume of mumblechatter as a compliment.

Always a pleasure to Q a CORE workout. I am grateful for the opportunity to be with these men.

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