Fresh Air

A 76 degree morning where each breath felt like being waterboarded greeted 13 of Metro/A51’s finest. After 2 straight weeks of entering Pellyn Woods after 25 minutes of DMZ, YHC knew one thing, we weren’t going there.

Depart Carmel Park and head down Carmel Rd and stop at the McMansion cul-de-sac of Tufton Brae for COP.
SSH x 20
IW x10
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10

Mosey to Mill Pond for 10 Moutainbrook Mountain Climbers IC.

Mosey to Tottenham and settle in at the half-pipe where Tottenham and Buckhurst meet.
Partner up.
One partner heads up the pipe toward Carmel and does 7s of Jump Squats while other partner does 7s of Jump Lunges running in the other direction. Flap jack and every time you meet in the valley do 7 partner hand slap merkins.
Plank on the 6

LBC x 20
Oblique crunch L/R x 10
Protractor, 3 different 10 counts to end at 10 degrees.

Head out of the pipe back onto Carmel. Stop at brick wall for Peoples chair with air press x 20 and 10 donkey kicks on your own.

Mosey to Mill Pond for 10 more Mountainbrook Mountain Climbers IC.

Mosey to Tufton Brae for Plank Jack x 15.

Mosey back to the parking lot of the artist formerly know as Church of Charlotte. Grab a cinder block. Same partners.
Partner one does called exercise of Curls, Overhead Press, and Squat while other partner does Skaters/Keuchleys/ColdCuts. 30 seconds of each with 10 second break. 3 rounds of blocks and ColdCuts for each person.
Mosey back to the AO just as the clock hit 6:15.

Quiet, focused group this morning with little mumblechatter. The 127% humidity probably had something to do with it. YHC had led a Governator work out down Tottenham probably a year or two ago and my God the smell of that road on trash day was awful. Not YHCs best decision. But Monday, ahhh Monday nothing but clean, muggy North Carolina July air to speak of on Tottenham. That is until the 13 Pax got their sweat going. Still, had to be better than that Wednesday. YHC was partnered with Pearl who much to YHCs chagrin found out at COT he is 18. Freaking 18!!! He’s a beast too. Imagine if Benefactor or Chalet had a little brother and he was trying to step out of their shadow. I don’t think we met once in the natural mid-point for handslap merkins. It was a great push though for YHC. The Pax logged a 5K of running time with an attempt at hitting every major muscle group. Chelms took us out and into our work week.

Chelms putting in a plug for Revolution and Revolution 2.0 on Saturday. Details on the website and twitter.
Chimbote interest meeting see Backups Twitter for details.
Haywoodstock Friday. Sump sent out an email blast.

Thanks to Aquafresh for the chance to Q.
Backblast streak intact.
YHC doesn’t have an A51 log in but if you do please feel free to copy and paste this there.


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