So it looks like we are down to 6 dudes who care about getting/remaining in shape on Mondays in Metro.  That’s fine by me but it will start to hurt my “drop numbers”.  Only got 1 today but Kodak did survive the first 20 minutes.

Hot mile from Dowd to Midtown Target.  6:33 mile.  That was Danny’s PR.  Up to the top.  50 lbc’s.  Hot mile over to Juror Deck.  Up to the top.  Partner carry down and back.  Hot mile over to THE Ship.  One time up spiral.  Down the spiral.  Confirm we dropped Kodak.  Up the stairs.  Down the far stairs.  Up the spiral again.  Hot mile home.  4.6.  1 drop.  Classic PWW.

Danny has this PWW thing rolling now.  Sweet F3 shirt this morning.  The fat has been trimmed and the numbers at Copperhead are huge.  Holtz continues to chase down HIM of the summer.  Little guy has gotten in shape.  Good work bro.  It’s crazy what happens when you hit the Cessus Circuit every week.  ‘Buck actually didn’t get dropped today.  All the money was on him this morning.  Instead it went to the over-sized Jeremy Lin.  Don’t know much about Kodak but good work hanging on as long as you did.  Maybe next time.  #dropthesix


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