I’m a pansy. Cooter is not.

There’s a lot of stuff I don’t understand. Like Physics. And computers. And how Velcro works—that stuff amazes me. I have whittled away hours just pressing it together and pulling apart. It’s simply the greatest work of science in the 20th century. But here’s one thing I do understand: me.   I got Reverend Flo-Rida alllllllllllllllllllll figured.   So, when I booked my ticket home from DC to land at 9:00 Sunday night, I knew I wouldn’t want to get up and post come Monday Morning. I just knew I would want to stay all cozied up in my Menudo PJ’s , just loving the feel of my 1000 count sheets I stole from Werfel’s house last Christmas –would have taken the throw pillows also but he came upstairs before I could stuff them down my pants. There good sized, you know.


So I signed up to Q Diamondhead. Because I have slept through the Q one time, and it was Diamondhead and Nibbsy gave me pure hell for it. So, I had everything lined up to do the Q.   Cept I had a dead battery in my Cedes , so I had to drive the truck. And the truck had plates in the back, so we had to do hair burners. I never take the plates out of the truck, so IpsoFactoErgo I.E. we did hairburners.

But we gotta get this BB right, so here’s what happened:

We did the standard.

WE did grinders, toon an intermission for mary, did more grinders, then mary, and I was about spent. Hairburners exhaust everyone. They just suck the life out of you, especially doing heavy metal stuff at each end. Then the most amazing thing happened…

I was feeling light headed, and not sure what to do , so I fist bumped Cooter. And it was like getting struck by Lightening. I mean, I felt like I was shaking hands with Jesus. Got all tingly in my toes. Pooped a little. My mouth tasted like cotton candy. Then I heard the voice of Captain Kangaroo say “ do 10 burpees OYO”.   So we did it, and then we were done. I mean I was just flat out done.


NMM: Cooter is like the genuine thing. Hard core strong, quiet like that dude in Kung-Fu, and filled with love. Cooter sneazed once and one of those candy hearts shot out of his nose that read “ Love u 4 ever”. I took it hope and made a paper weight out of it. I’m crying as I look at it.

Norwood wore earplugs. DRM complained that we didn’t do enough upper body. Big Worm said we covered a mile pushing iron on asphalt. Grizzly was swinging 2 bells.

I hid the plates by getting their early and putting them down in the lot far from the truck. Blue Tornado saw the plates, spit on them and walked away , muttering something about my Mom. That hurt Blue.

Titan brought his 2.0 I explained to Mad max that I had rented my old wrestling mat to his Poppy, and the time to pay had come. He threw up 4 times. Back Up said he had water for everyone, but it turned about to be Tito’s. Reboot drank 4. Noonan is leaving for a mission trip to Southpark—specifically Teavana. John Boy can’t say portage right—he says is “Poh-Tazjhe”. EmnEm got back stage passes to Huey Lewis—came free with the purchase of 2 cans of soup. Skoal is thinking about getting a tramp stamp of English Ivy. Gaap already has one of Cokie Roberts. Chowda once pole valted 27 ‘11”. Earth Mover eats only Leeks on Tuesdays. Van Winkle says he doesn’t invest in Bit Coin, but he does invest in Bit-o-honey.

Lelane is a loud mouth bastard.


Tunes were all hair bands—or darn close to all hair bands.



Nibbsy didn’t show. I cried later that day, but I got over him He’s a heartbreaker.


announcements: new workout coming to salvation army, similar to MIP.dm me for details.


Gaap was #2 in fundraising as an individual for booty loop.

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