Walk Me Out in the Mornin’ Dew

Last week at Split Endz, Robo took us across Runnymede to Michael Baker.  So YHC decided this week we should go in the other direction but that’s Diamondhead’s turf.  Over the weekend, I found out Rev had the DH Q.  Reached out to him to find his plan to avoid another SE/DH Turf War. Rev graciously allowed YHC to have first choice, so Split Endz go the AG Football field.

The Thang

Roll out at 5:30 from Selwyn Elem bus lot through the AG parking lot for 3/4 hot lap, stopping on the bricks on the far side of the field

COP: SSH/ Mtn Climbers/ IW/ Copperhead Squat/ Flutter

Head to sideline closet to baseball field
11’s: Hand-Release Merkins – run across field to bleachers on other side – Dips

Exit track to corner of Colony/ Runnymede

Spacklers: run to MPHS Arches  stopping at each driveway/ road on left for Squats

At Arches: Dips/ Step-ups

To MPHS – Lunge Walk/ Karaoke

Through the parking lot in front of gym – Merkins at each median

Back to Selwyn Elem entrance road – Merkins/ Squats/ LBCS at each street light

Mosey to Selwyn bus lot for 2 minutes of Mary: Rosalita/ Dolly



OK, so while running across the football field during the 11’s, Pax shoes got wet from the morning dew.  YHC was truly surprised at the whining about wet shoes.  I know I heard a young man moan this mornin’. Not like we actually did exercises in the grass – we simply ran across the field.  Pretty sure everyone there has endured much worse in the past. Remember the Mud Run? Geez. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

Wonder if anyone other than Booth will appreciate the last paragraph…

Grateful for the awesome group of Pax who posted! Out of the 16, think all but two were Respect and one, Mr. Green, is only a couple of months away from joining us.

A lot of Split Endz regulars showed like Tryon, Critter and Dozier while other regulars like Magellan, The Cougar and Robo were MIA.  In Cougar’s absence, Coach had to do all the complaining.  Not sure of YHC’s final grade for the workout, but during Lunge Walk, Coach said it improved to D-.

Grapevine is a wiley veteran.  He has impeccable efficiency for doing exercises to minimize the pain.  Yet, when he Q’s, Grapevine has no problem bringing the pain.

Think Monday marked 3 consecutive weeks for Two Toes at Split Endz.  Good to see him back in the Gloom on a regular basis.

Remember when LIFO was a big deal?  Like if someone left early before COT, you wrote (LIFO) after their name in the Pax list.  Frankie Five Angels didn’t stick around for COT but you don’t see (LIFO) after his name in the Pax list.

Thanks Chips for the keys!  Enjoyed my first time leading the Split Endz crew.




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