“Men’s Mental Health Matters” Community Breakfast – 8/15/2019

Please join us for a Community Breakfast on Thursday, August 15th as we gather to promote mental health awareness across our region.   The “Men’s Mental Health Matters” initiative began in early 2018 when a a group came together to address a concerning trend of mental health issues within men of similar ages/stages in life.  The first event was hosted in 2018 following the loss of several friends from suicide and a desire to strengthen our ability to help each other in times of crisis.  This initiative has been further magnified by the occurrence of suicide within college age kids (and younger); one of whom was a close family friend.  These challenges call on each of us to bring this conversation “into the light” and afford Men an opportunity to learn, share, and lean on each other to promote the joyful life for which we are called.

Our next event is scheduled for August 15th at First Presbyterian Church (7:30-9:00 AM) detailed below.  Dr. James Raper (Director of Counseling at Wake Forest University) will be the keynote speaker along with Davis Kuykendall (Search Ministries).  The F3 Nation has created a powerful witness for how Men (of all ages/stages) can lift each other up.  This event will provide room for open conversation about mental health struggles and provide us with more tools to support each other.

I hope you are able to join us on the 15th.  Please reach out directly if you have any questions.


Invitation Details:

Suicide and Disconnection in a Hyper-Connected World & Creating Safe Places for Hard Discussions

Link to the registration site:


Please RSVP as soon as possible using the link below so we can have an accurate number for breakfast and seating.  The event is Casual so come as you are!

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