14 Burpees

Two Qs are better than 1! John Deere and Pigskin today. Something went wrong with the translation and the previously announced dancing ladies forgot to show up. But please, Hollywood, come back next week. We’ll have dancing girls then.


It was noted that since we had Charcoal, we also had Boerewors.


Piggy started us off with:

SSHs; Man-maker Merkins, “Swimming” (A back exercise)

IWs, Diamonds, Knee-Ups

Sharon Towers, Stagger Arm, Crunchy Frog

Squats, Stagger Arm, Back Planks (another back exercise)

Lunges, Merkins,


To the stadium for a Jacob’s ladder with Burpees at top up to 7 and 10 Dips at bottom


For some reason, Nibbler insisted on knowing how many Burpees we did today. So far, total on burpees: 28


To the wall for

People’s Chair air-punches, BTTW Australian Mountain climbers and turned it over to John Deere


Headed for the football field. I’m too tired to remember everything but it included:


Run to the other end, belly touch every 5 yards and mosey back. 20 more disguised Burpees. We may have done 8 reverse Burpees as well. Subtract 8 burpees


Backwards Run to the other end, belly touch every 10 yards and mosey back: 10 more disguised Burpees. I think we also did 8 Reverse Burpees at each end. Subtract 16 Burpees


Run to the other end and belly touch every 25 years and mosey back. However, we did 8 reverse Burpees at each end of the field. Add 4 burpees and subtract 16 Burpees


Back to the parking lot for Mary and 8 more reverse Burpees.


Since tomorrow is John Deere’s 48th birthday, we did a total of 48 Reverse Burpees. I think he is trying to turn the clock back but it isn’t working. However, if Old Bay shows up a few more time, we’re going to change his name to Young Bay. And one of these days, we’ll promote LLC to C-Corp.


Skoal and Earthmover are thinking about gaining weight so as to make the belly touch Burpees easier. Less distance to the ground and you can bounce back up as well.


Total Burpees 62 minus 48 reverse burpees or 14 Burpees. It was the humidity that made it feel like 110 Burpees. However, since Nibbler didn’t hear the correction on the Jacob’s Ladder and did Merkins the first time up the stadium, he only gets credits for 13 Burpees.



Rev is writing stories of Señor Chips. He is up to 1,000 pages but only 1992. However, given the author, the book should be considered fiction.


The Salvation Army on Central Avenue is starting up a workout on Saturdays at 9:00, similar to MIP.  First workout is Labor Day Weekend: August 31. See Rev or Charcoal for more details.


Athens Georgia launches next week. Since it is UGA, they have been restricted to no more than 10 reps. They’d have to take off their shoes to count higher. Señor Chips told me to add that.


Notice that in list of the PAX, GAAP is spelled with only one A because he showed up late.




Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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