First Ever Harriet Tubman 10k

Fun QC Fact:  A part of The Underground Railroad actually runs from the bottom of the Muthaship all the way to Christ Church on Providence.  And is still active.  With Indian fast food joints.  And only used by Rings.

With BRR right around the corner, 7 “jerks” not running the BRR showed up for the running of the first ever F3 Harriet Tubman 10k.  We just didn’t know it.  Today’s participants were as follows:

  • Rube THE Baby Stroller Hustler:  After passing the Rube’ster about 8x on the route this morning, I was curious his decision in participating in the #HT10K.  Asked if he was training for the half marathon here in Charlotte, he said “Nope – training for the ThunderRoad/Charlotte Half Marathon.”  That a boy Rube.  The fun part is that he and his wife are both planning on pushing baby strollers the entire way.  Go get em big fella.  And please run over Tolkien if possible.
  • Mr. Bo THE Midwood Godfather:  Good ‘ol Bo.  Bizarre little guy.  For some weird reason he still runs 6 miles at 6:00am on Saturday’s.  In Midweird.  No word yet how he murdered MissingDe because MissingDe is for sure missing.
  • Slutzz THE Poet of Shitty Beers:  Slutzz called me a jerk on his love poem yesterday.  I prefer life coach.  Even though most of you #urkels have no chance, I still try.  Your welcome.
  • Swamp THE Recruiter:  So Swamp had the following people lined up to run the #HT10K this morning…OBT, Able, DasHit, and Bun.  The first 3 got caught in an early morning Iron Project meeting but Bun was at the doorstep…and then supposedly lil Bun woke up wondering why she had a beard and only liked carrots.  Good luck explaining that one.
  • Ballz The Camp Director:  For some unknown reason, Ballz still takes his 2 future bank robbers and cute little girl to F3 HIM CAMP at Thunderbird.  Make sure you pack at least 2 cases of Natty Light because that spaghetti eating contest between Belk and Frank is going to get ugly.
  • EZRings The Railroad Captain:  So Swamp, myself, Ballz, and Tubman get to the ship and proceed to do the protocol of 2 climbs.  EZ is doing his usual pacing and is dead last.  But he is there which is more then most of you #urkel’s can say.  We all plow our way back home when all of a sudden, as I am coming down the homestretch on Providence, there is EZ.  Way in front of me.  WTF.  Come to find out, he used the Underground Railroad.  Embarrassed by his last antics when he called Uber to pick him up at the Mutha, he felt the railroad was a little more discreet.  And he can pick up some Tandoori Chicken along the way.

Well that was fun guys.  And oh yea, I won.  Of course.

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