It’s 88’s World and We Are All Just Living In It

Today is the eighth day of the eighth month of the year which is numeric date values translates to 8/8.  It also is unofficially the day to celebrate 88 – since his name is practically the same as the date.

5 years ago, YHC Q’d Fortress on 8/8 and lead a workout that I stole from Sparty called “Crazy 8’s.”  In the BB, I mentioned a story about my older sister who, over thirty years ago, lived on 8th Street here in Charlotte.  On August 8, 1988 (aka “8/8/88”) my sister threw a spontaneous party to celebrate the date since after all she did live on 8th Street.  Somehow, word-of-mouth spread about my sister’s party and the local news showed up to interview her while it was going on. Hard to believe an 8/8/88 party on 8th Street was newsworthy but Charlotte was a different city back then…

So anyways, Blue Tornado invited YHC to Q Meltdown and 8/8 was the best date for me.  Thought it was only appropriate we celebrate the magic of 8/8!

The Thang

5:30 AM – rack your bell, head towards the park.  Stop at the first open area YHC encounters.
COP:  SSH/ IW/ Copperhead Squats/ 2-Handed Swings/ Tricep Curls/ Flutter

Rack your bell and back to the parking lot

Crazy 8’s (KB Version)
Spread out across entrance of parking lot (facing towards the park)
8 different exercises x 8 reps each – run Figure 8 loop in the parking lot
Rinse and repeat 8 times

Exercises: 1-Handed Swings (R & L), Goblet Squats, Hammer Curls, Renegade Rows (R & L), X-Fit Merkins & Knee-ups

After Grapevine’s water break – Dips and People’s Chairs next to the baseball field bathrooms

Back to center of parking lot
Mary:  Chest Press/ LBC/ Rosalita (extended)/Dolly


Rev Flo-Rida & Charcoal are launching a new workout (Saturdays @ 9AM) at the Salvation Army on Central Ave.  Another opportunity to give back to the community.  Metro’s Pax participation is critical to the success of these workouts especially in the early stages of getting them up and running.

Be safe!  Wear reflective gear and/or lights so you are visible to cars on the road.  And avoid high risk areas, like the middle of the road – especially when you are on your six.

Metro Labor Day Convergence on Monday, Sept. 2nd.  Details to follow.


So Sunday night, YHC walked the area of Freedom Park near the baseball field trying to determine best place for the Crazy 8’s workout.  The perfect place would be the parking lot but knew it would be filled with parked cars from both the Pax and Non-Pax (i.e. clipboarders).  Quite surprised to pull up Thursday AM to learn the parking lot is roped off so no cars can access it.  Just like that all my dreams were coming true!

Had no idea that 88 would post.  As I prepared my workout, tried to think of Pax with names related to “8” and naturally thought of 88 but didn’t connect with Meltdown.  Glad I was wrong.

My Sharona showed up wearing all black including his knee sleeves and ruck back pack.  His ensemble mixed in various colorful reflective lights (which is a good thing!).  Bottom line: Sharona was rocking a futuristic warrior look which prompted one Pax to say he looked like a robot.  But YHC believes the term “Cyborg” is more accurate.

Before the workout, Rev asked me if I wanted tunes. Without knowing what Rev had put together (my fault for not asking) I declined but when he told me it was all Springsteen, I readily accepted. In fact, we did Burpees while Rev got his mobile sound system out of his car to celebrate the Springsteen playlist. Thanks Rev for supplying the perfect soundtrack.

Not sure of the reason, but during COP when we did the Flutters, Grapevine climbed on a nearby picnic table and did them with his legs hanging off the edge.  GV also mentioned later that he likes this AO because it has water fountains.

Always great to be around Skoal Bandit.  The guy plays the humble card way too much.  At Haywoodstock, Skoal told me he was out-of-shape.  At the time, he was wearing cargo pants so YHC actually believed him.  Call me “Sucker” because Skoal crushed the Crazy 8’s.

We ended COT with Piggy delivering the take-out (in English no less!)

Appreciate the invite from Blue Tornado to come Q.  YHC hadn’t been to Meltdown since it moved from Beverly Woods Elementary.  Not the most convenient AO for me but easier to manage during the summer when 2.0’s aren’t in school.  Well aware of the hard work Blue Tornado puts into running Meltdown.  He’s doing all the right things.  But he can’t do it all – need more Pax to step up to Q at Meltdown.  You won’t be disappointed and if you are, well there’s not much we can do about it after the fact, is there?

Brothers, thanks for your support!  Let’s do it again real soon!





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