Large crowd today

Started off in front of the center for warm up, went to the McNinch Street wall, the rock pile, the bridge, the park with benches, back to the ‘corner’ near the bridge, Elliott Street, McNinch Street wall and then to our ‘finishing up’ place. M-80 and Private Pyle were racing as we went from place to place. Too fast for me!


We had 26 today, including 7 FNGs, near an all-time record participation.



DRINK Water before you get out. There are places to discretely expel excess liquids.


F3 has 5 rules:


Open to all men


Peer lead

Ends in Circle of Trust


Q-source starting at 10, finish at 10:30 after this workout; starting Sept 7.


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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