CORE – 7 Years Strong

Ten strong posted for CORE’s 7 year anniversary.  In honor of the founder, Do Re Mi,  we went back to basics with limited running and lots of CORE.

This is what we did:

Circle up:  15 then 10 of of the following:  SSH, IW, Sharon Towers, John Travoltas, J Los, Squats, Lunges.

To the playground:  3x of:  pull-ups – 5, decline merkin parker peters, dips, squats, Freddie Mercuries, LBCs.

Bells: 15 then 10 of:  swings, figure 8s, Greg Louganis, lawnmowers, curls, upright rows, single-arm presses, tricep extensions.

To the park garage:  up the ramps to the top with 5 merkens at each turn.  At the top 11s: Bulgarian split squats, leg-ups.

Mosey down the stairs back to the Q for some merry till the clock ran out: Dollys, Rosalitas, Supermans, Mark Tai Jai’s, flutters, LCBs.


Man in the Mirror – Salvation Army begins 8/31, 9 am and every Saturday thereafter.

DRM thank you for your vision and your positive impact on our community!

RM prayed – grateful for F3 and its vision.

A pleasure to Q these men.



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