Maybe Revo will be a surprise?

YHC was running behind this AM, as usual. Perhaps (Maybe) a few minutes to stretch a bit before taking off for the hour, but even that was not to be. 6:57 arrival left little time to stretch, especially after Jedi breaks the news that Revo needs a Q this AM due to some unforeseen circumstances. No matter, YHC always has a few hair-brained exercises in mind, we can just incorporate some stretching into warm-o-rama. True to form, 7:01:30 start, because YHC did not wear a watch. Fortunately for the Pax, Maradona did.


Warm-o-rama: windmill, imperial walker, hillbilly, peter parker, parker peter, squat

Mosey to end zone, partner up; each partner runs to opposite sideline, meet in the middle for 10x hand slaps; run past partner to other sideline, meet in middle for 10x partner leg throws.

From goal line to 50: sprint take-off for 5yds, 1 flying squirrel, keep going. No backpedal.

Over to the bleachers; 3-round circuit: dips, knee-ups, derkins, LBCs. Followed up by 3 rounds of reverse push-ups and sit-ups with feet under the bleachers.

Up to the playground: 2 rounds of Rope’s (modified?) Aiken legs, 10x squat, 10x step-up per leg, 5x single-leg squat per leg. Pause for 50 little baby arm circles, 25 front, 25 back. Third round of Aiken legs.

From the playground to the pavilion, 6’s: burpee down, come up and grab some bar, swing feet up to bar =1; plain burpee at the other end.

Mosey to parking lot by the ball fields (for the little remaining shade): partner up, partners shuffle three parking spaces together, partner 1 drops to plank, partner 2 runs to landmark and back. Partners shuffle three more parking spaces in same direction, flapjack for partner 2 into plank. At landmark, come back the other direction.

Followed with “economy of movement:” grab your own parking space; from the block, bear crawl to end of space, flip over, crab walk back to block, flip over for 8x iron mike. rinse and repeat 3x. remain in plank/bear crawl/crab walk for duration, no standing and no transition.

End with 6 MoMs, dolly, rosalita, oblique crunch, Presbyterian lapdance, heels to heaven, hip slaps.


Effort within F3 underway to make consistent, safe bridge housing available for our neighbors in need. Many things left to define, but this will be a major undertaking, and every HIM in Metro has something to offer to this effort. Knowledge, skill and time will be equally or more important than dollars to make this a reality. If you feel called to support, contact Jedi.

Thanks to Maradona for the take-out, and for the superb timekeeping.


YHC has missed several workouts at Revolution lately, so there were three new-to-me faces. Welcome and thanks to Lombardi, Poe, and Darth Maul for putting up with the ad-lib. With many regulars DR this weekend, still a solid turnout with great participation. Sorry PL, no photo this week, completely forgot.

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