FORE at Revolution 2.0

Six men and 10 teens gathered in the cool air conditioned gym of the Strafford YMCA (Rev 2.0 is not official Men’s workout and it hot at 11am in August so we modified) for another week of teen engagement.   Jahon posted for his third workout and is now known as Hook Shot.

The Thang:

COP with SSH, Mtn Climbers, Squats, Merkins (push-ups), and IW’s all in cadence.

Knock out with various exercises while waiting turn – Plank walk, monkey humpers, squats, etc

Four corners – three trips with merkins (10), squats (10), and burpees (5).

Repeat knock out – those knocked out played First Tee golf in attempt to get back into Knock out by getting the “golf ball” (tennis ball) to stick to the hole (“matt”).   YHC got knocked out twice so slightly demoraliizing but the teens play a lot more ball these days then I do.   However, all the men were knocked out as the teens dominated.

COP – Six minutes of mary with various exercises.

NM – Great group as Cruz helped recruit some teens.  We continue to mix up the activities to make the “glue” work better.   Turn Two’s football game last week was good so will have to bring that back.   First Tee Golf not so good – will likely work better on days when there are fewer PAX.

Rev 2.0″ FNG Barracuda and MMOB demonstrated strong teen engagement skills (ie you two need to sign up to Q Revolution 2.0).  Royal also is ready to Q.  Barracuda noted Jahon’s form with the hook shot reminded him of Bill Russell (or Walt Chamberlin – can’t remember which) and thus the name.

Auchtung Baby still owes us 30 burpees.

Announcement – If you look around and pay attention, you will notice that too many teens are out of shape and lack basic life skills.    We need more men to jump in and help teach our kids (not just your shorties).  We are exploring many options including working with Ray Terry with “Putting Tools in Schools”, Bart Noonan with West Side Ministries, Ben Page and IAM24/7, and others.    The need is great and the laborers are few so we can always use more help.   Contact me, Barracuda, or Auchtung Baby to discuss options.


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