43 Feetz BackBlast – Episode 1

Seeing how Dread has officially retired from exercising and plans on going into the FBI witness protection plan with OBT, I have been tagged to carry the F3 mantle on.  With that responsibility comes with forging on with 43 Feetz.  So I present you the very first 43 Feetz Backblast.  And of course these will only be written after RAnGEr workouts.  That I Q.


  • Regional Reach Around:  F3Kentucky?  Yes sir!  Not only does Kentucky have the two biggest cheating basketball schools in the country, it also is home to some dude named Dry Hole.  Weirdo Gitmo picked up Dry Hole somewhere by the hospital this morning while GitWeird was checking to see if any doctor would give him a #moonriver.  Dry Hole held his own for the full 45 mins/5 miles which I can’t say the same for some of the other people there.  Which leads me to the…
  • TAP:  CMD.  WTF CMD?  The RAnGEr site Q has officially lost it.  Not Dread lost it, but pretty damn close.  CMD claims to have lost his fitness due to a bunch of BARRE classes he was taking over in SouthPark.  RAnGEr management has decided to demote CMD down to the minors for a full month before he can return.  Have fun holding hands with Chicken at Promo.
  • PullmanLongstanding Problem – Annoying people that complain about parts of a podcast that they could easily fast forward through or not listen at all.  If you don’t like it, do your own damn podcast.  It’s like the people that don’t like Slutz shitty beer.  Don’t drink it or make your own.  Get a life people.
  • Scrambled Egg:  Did Matlock really bring a 6 pack of TRULY’s to F3 Dads Camp at Thunderbird?  Yes – and that is TRULY embarrassing.
  • Eggs Benedict:  Did Ballz Jr really take out the white filling in a bag of Oreo’s and replace it with toothpaste at F3 Dads Camp and give it to all the Cola Kids?  Yes!  That my friends is the true Cola Model.

Workout +CSource

  • Crew of 7 took the MEGA 5 Mile Loop down MONRoe today over to the BoRounds Coliseum, spit on several cars on the Independence overpass, left on Commonwealth, up to MidWeird Plaza, and left home.  We did stop at the antique store in MidWeird and shockingly Hyannis and TD were in the window sporting GONADS tanks.
  • CSource 1.1 – Never run by a gas station at 5:36 in the morning if DMX and JaRule are lifting weights with their PitBulls.  Swamp and Neal briefly saw their life flash in front of them as 2 of Mike Vick’s pitbulls came charging at them in the middle of the road.  Luckily DMX had fairly good control of the dawgs and was able to corral them back to the pin.  I compare this CSource to the QSource that says treat your wife nicely.
  • CSource 1.5 – Never drink TRULY’s in public.  See the Scrambled Egg.  Or just don’t let your wife know you drink them.  She will leave you.  And should.
  • CSource 1.3 – If you have chest and back hair that looks like Teen Wolf/Hillary, shave that shit.  You actually might get laid.  If you shave it all, you will get laid twice.  That is a Cuarantee.

That’s all for now.  Got to drive down to Phantom Fireworks and help Frank with F3’s Culture.  Yes – that is his job.  And this is not April 1st.



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