Service With a Smile

Paula’s mildly offensive notification tweet #everyitalianstereotypeever on Tuesday night provided fair warning regarding the BRR training.  Your other option was RAnGEr with Cindy.  So you were gonna get your miles in either way. Your choice on whether to take it with a smile or a scowl…



Apparently Bandit has EC now, but have no fear, it is simply a friendly jaunt through the Freedom Park, around the lakes and back to old gravelly.  Me and Paula did that.  Topics covered included:

  • Newtons 4th Law of Thermodynamics
  • The Pythagorean Theorem (Really a “theorem” or just some made up sh*t?)
  • Automation’s effect on the world market place and the argument for UBI
  • Is a fart joke ever not funny?

All that in 15 minutes.


Into the park to the train lot for COP

To the owl bars for 10 pull-ups, 20 squats x 3

Out to Cumberland

From there, suicide to the Mahlon Pavilion Parking Lot, the first speed bump, second speed bump and then to the top.  Merkins on the ascent, knee-ups at the bottom.

Double time down mega-tool, mosey to the Princeton Ave park entrance.

Hot to the amphitheater bridge, recover to the hill of hills picnic pavilion, hot back to the entrance.

Indian run to the stairway to heaven.

Up the steps, 10 supines, down the hill, derkins on the benches, dips on the wall x 2

Back home for COT

Prayer requests – For a cold front to blow through the mid-Atlantic a week from tomorrow.

Fish with the takeout – what a blessing to have these men in our lives each morning. Yup.


Sometimes patience is a virtue.  Like right now.  I didn’t have much to comment on from the workout.  It was pretty hard.  It was hot.  Fish was out in front for… well… everything. And I exhausted my personal memorabilia collection last week.

But by being patient, Cindy came through with the first ever 43 Feetz backblast which I can now comment on.

I miss Dread too

What’s a #moonriver?

Only 3 Truly’s made it into my cooler to chill for the Saturday night festivities, so mention of a six-pack seems excessive.  We let the kids know early in the day that post dinner was Dad time so they needed to get cleaned up and park themselves in front of the big screen on the lawn to watch the movie and leave us men, to men stuff, like drinking Trulys.  You know how I know Ballz is a good friend and likes me better that Matlock?  Because he told Cindy about Matlock’s Trulys, but not my:

Say what you will, but ice cold bubbly in a can is very refreshing after a day of watersports and wiffle ball domination!  Gitmo split my second can with me (I didn’t want to be hungover).

Ballz was drinking something called Old Tuffy which seems to be some sort of NC State sponsored malt liquor that they can’t keep on the shelves at the Morrowcroft Teeter.  Pate, the real man among us, was drinking warm brown liquor out of a flask #stud.

Topics covered included:

  • Truly is just this generation’s Zima
  • Pate is ready to market his new health and wellness DVD series called The Look Good Naked (LGN) Program.  Don’t eat like an idiot, don’t drink during the week, and exercise sometimes.  Boom, that’s it.
  • If it’s not happening at least 3x a week at home, you’re a failure.
  • Vaping is bad for you.  If you want to smoke, just smoke… the old fashioned way.  Much more satisfying and you’ll look cooler.
  • Where else would you suggest having a home birth other than in an inflatable pool in the kitchen?!

Ballz Jr most certainly did own some Fort Mill 2.0s.

Camper of the year goes to little Tommy, Gitmo’s son.  Every time I opened my mouth he gave me a side-eyed look like, “You believe this fuckin’ guy, how full of shit is he?”.  Sweet kid… and his intuition is not incorrect.

Thanks Paula, let’s do it again soon.

Thin Slice

One thought on “Service With a Smile

  • August 23, 2019 at 11:05 am

    Vaping…what a joke. What’s next, CBD infused vape? Is that how kids are getting high these days? What a bunch’a pussies. Roll a joint and be a frigg’n man already. Can you imagine rap music if dudes got high with vape? Biggie Smalls don’t give a shit about vape…c’mon man.

    The only thing that would have topped this off is if the canned champagne was Rose’

    I split a can of champagne with another man. That’s all three F’s, #Waxhaw!!!

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