Our Own Personal Chernobyl

When it gets close to your birthday you can count a couple things. A sense that it’s time for some self-reflection, goal setting and for casbah regulars it your name on the Q schedule. Ten of Metro’s finest came out bright and early to help YHC celebrate. Quick flashback to last evening at the South Park Legion Brewery first. YHC and Monk amongst others were there for the semiannual Y Guides Dads planning meeting. Much was accomplished, including Monk committing to post at Casbah in the morning. YHC gave him a hard time because this isn’t my first rodeo with expecting Monk at a workout. He has a good point though in that after 45 policy was there is no such thing as a HC. I get that. So, reset to the morning where YHC rolled into the Casbah AO with Cold Cuts, well kinda, we were 20 yards closer to the exit under a different light. Ann & Hopes fault. But I digress, who did YHC see jogging behind? MONK! The surprise caused me to forget my entire plan. As such we went with this…

Mosey to YHCs truck and partner up and grab a paver.
Mosey with your paver through the portal to the Bellagio after setting paver down at first parking garage for COP.
SSH x 20
IW x 10 (Monk approved)
[film comments about how YHC should have timed the fountain]
Que Fountain in 3, 2, 1 … ignition
Just like YHC planned…
MC x 10
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10

Mosey to parking garage with quick stop and creepy dead-end parking area in bowels of garage. Perfect all for Peoples Chair with Air Press x 15 IC

Mosey to base of ramp.
Partner 1 does 20 curls, 20 presses, 20 squats AMRAP
Partner 2 runs the deck. Jerkins x 7 at base and peak of each ramp
20 LBC at top and then down stairs to flap jack with partner

Round 2
Partner 1 does 20 curls, 20 swings, 20 squats into lunge AMRAP
Partner 2 runs the deck. Plank Jack x 7 at base and peak

Plank on 6. With John Travolta x 10 L/R
Mosey with Paver back Peoples Chair Wall.
Partner 1 Peoples Chair hold paver out
Partner 2 peoples Chair with air press
Flap Jack

Round 2
Partner 1 with Peoples Chair and Overhead press with paver
Partner 2 with Balls to the Wall.

Finish that and leave pavers there. Audible joy from the crowd.
Indian Run to the top of the deck.
LBC x 10
Rosalita x 10
Heels to Heaven x 10
Down the stairs and back to the portal. Stopping for a quick round of Protractor.

Mosey through portal and with 4 minutes do a couple rounds of sprints on the Sharon Elementary soccer pitch while trying to not break an ankle.

Quick mosey back to the A&H interpretation of the AO and Scene.

YHC is new to HBO as a recent cord cutter. Shout out Hulu Live. Recently enjoyed the miniseries on Chernobyl. Two thumbs up. Mentioned this to the Pax during round two of the partner deck run. At some time during the partner peoples chair and balls to the wall #69, a member of the Pax commented on how the humidity, heat and smell of the bottom of the deck was like a powder keg and if someone let loose the whole place could blow. YHC not missing an opportunity at career related humor commented, “it’s like our own personal Chernobyl”. Solid backblast gold.
Amphibious, a semi resident of Charlotte with a home base in Greensboro joined us. It was great to have him and during COT he laid out another example on how F3 is more than a workout. Great having you brother.
YHC planned on getting the pavers after work but what’s another day. Tempted to leave them at Chernobyl. The fallout hopefully will have abated.

Last F3 Dads at Freedom Park tomorrow.
Labor Day convergence at St. Gabes (Bastion AO) 7am. All other workouts cancelled that day.
Monk is a man of his word.
Amphibious with the strong takeout into our Friday and the weekend. Football is back!
Thanks to Benefactor for the keys.
Here’s to 41!


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