Dog Days Delight

Twenty four hardy souls showed up for a Dog Days workout at MIP today.  Rain was threatening, but spirits weren’t dampened.

We continue to have great attendance at MIP, a product, I believe, of the missionary work that Beaver and Carrier and others are doing by going to Friday chapel and telling just a bit of the F3 story to the men at Charlotte Rescue Mission.  This is an enthusiastic bunch. My guess is that we had about six “regular” F3ers, and the balance were all CRM clients.  Yes, they want tee shirts, but what they really want –and visibly appreciate — is a gentle beat down alongside their peers, and the warm camaraderie that F3ers of all stripes enjoy.  It is great to be among them.

Here is what went down:

START Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly >> SSH
Tunnel (2X) Peoples Chair w Air Presses / Donkey Kicks


10X/2X countdown + run loop: Merkins / Plank Jacks / Merkins


Plank hip slaps / JumpSquats / bird dogs / Rosalitas / dying cockroach / dollies / Rock Hoppers / Reverse Plank heel taps
Burpee  Five Burpees: slow, good-form, in cadence
END Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly

A good time was had by all.

Standard COT at the end…which is definitely NON-standard.  What Did was in attendance today and came up to me post-workout and said “Wow…what a takeout!  We should all be doing that at every workout!” That prayerful, humble, grateful COT at MIP is the real reward for all of us, and its a product of those men and the higher place that they take us.

Come join us when you can.

YHC, Valdez

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